My Gardens--my Heaven On Earth

The joy that I get from getting my hands dirty is tremendous! I am lucky enough to have 22acres in the country (well, lucky to me but not to the "city folk" I guess) that I can plant to my heart's content.I have all sorts of gardens including a secret garden that I made for my daughter when she was little and it's a magical place.I don't really like to buy jewelry or designer clothes, but I love to buy plants.My 2008 seed and plant catalogs are arriving daily,and I'm in my glory deciding what to add this year.I love my gardens!
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A garden is a beautiful way of self expression.We choose our favourite plants and flowers,those who bring back memories,and have special meaning for us.Sadly where I live we have had a persistant drought and I lost a lot of my carefully chosen plants,but they were not native to the country,now I will plant native and poor soil resistant bushes,so I can have an easily maintained garden there.Luckily my back garden fared better,so I can still grow and enjoy some of my favourite plants.

Thirty plus years of gardening on this property have certainly taught me a lot about using native plants and not trying to fight with Mother Nature! I have heavy clay soil and, of course, brutal winters. There are so many plants I would love to grow but that require just way too much coddling! I tried and tried over the years and then finally gave in to reason and now only plants things that will happily and easily grow here. Made gardening a whole lot easier!

"All gardeners live in beautiful places because they make them so."Joseph Joubert -1838<br />
I know you are reeling in the sights and smells of May, Datura! I love the element of surprise every spring. And I know you know what I mean.;-)

The surprises are probably my favorite part!

The gardens are absolutely glorious this spring! I have never seen the dogwoods and crab apples and lilacs bloom more beautifully or abundantly. The viburnum and tree peonies and lilies of the valley are filling the air with the most wonderful sweet fragrances. So many spring flowers are in blossom. I am in heaven!

Sounds wonderful.

Thanks,Soulrunher...It seems wonderful to me!

Awe, truly heaven on earth! country hearts,garden hands. Magical garden for a angel!
I'm a country soul too! a "magical mix" of wood,dirt,sea,rivers lots of sunshine! :-) four legged,two winged creatures~ art@music...
Blessings sent ~

glad- Duchess is kicking ;)

This is from 2008, so I hope you still visit this group :) I am a plant buyer too. If I'm passing a nursery I'm often tempted to drop in. At the Sunday markets I head straight for the plants stalls. And I treasure garden catalogues and go through them many times before I finally decide. I've set myself a rule this year to build more garden beds and buy less plants! I've already broken it :(

Hi Handed. I'm still a plant buyer, for sure! And plant trader, and plant propagator....It gets in our blood, doesn't it ;-)

It is a healing kind of addiction, yes :)

I am envious that you are somewhere where you can be gardening this time of year, EH! When I awoke this morning it was -8 degrees F and my gardens are under several feet of snow. The only activity going on out there right now is the deer eating my rhododendrons and mountain laurel!<br />
But, honestly, even in the heart of winter I enjoy the gardens! Seeing the snow on the redtwig dogwood branches, the fountain grasses waving in the wind above the snow, the pond covered in sparkling ice--it is still beautiful. And there's something so magical in knowing that under that snow are perennials and dutch bulbs waiting to burst forth in spring! Yes, EternallyHopeful, it is terrible exciting no matter what the season!

There is definitely something terribly exciting about seeing the landscape transform, produce, or just simply grow with a little love (and lots of dirty hands) isn't there? I envy your space, but am well aware I cant even keep up with my suburban block at this point in time. The other night, I was eaten alive by mosquitoes trying to steal some time in the garden after my son went to bed. Still itchy :( but worth it to get some gardening in!

Gryfnn, I missed your comment somehow! Some of my gardens are wild and natural , too and these spots are some of my favorite. It sounds like you have a great arrangement! I'll have to go see if you've posted photos of your plantings. <br />
<br />
Hi MetalFatigue! I am anxiously awaiting spring, though we have another blizzard going on at the moment! I hope the fairies are still wearing their wool coats!

Be time to plant your spring garden soon and I know it will be lovely. I miss my garden and my home, but it's nice to think of your enchanted garden, a place where fairies may possibly visit.

I live in an apartment complex that is on the side of a hill---it is surrounded by wild land---I have access to as much land as I want for my plantings. I have planted trees and all sorts of herbs and flowering bushes---my garden is a wild place---very pretty to see from my bedroom window... gardeners keep up the landscaping around the complex---it's a perfect arrangement for me--if I feel like gardening---I do--if I don't feel like it--it doesn't matter--most of my plants do very well with or without me.... Plants are the most amazing companions--- Lots of wild animals around here too--deer come up on my patio and look in. A timber wolf ran through my yard once--so beautiful-- there are coyotes, foxes, possums, ground squirrels, rabbits and mountain lions -- all lovely creatures. I planted some wheat out in the wild space--10 years comes up every year--with no care from me--it has actually expanded since I originally planted it. I'm always so glad to see it.

Hi THW. Here I contend with heavy clay soils that hold way too much water. I have to add sand, peat, and compost like crazy to get some drainage. A gardener's work is never done ;-).<br />
<br />
And.....I did write a book! How about that! And I have been a contributing designer for 13 other books.

It must be spectacular, having 22 acres to work with! Your gardens sound so beautiful. I only have a few scattered areas in my yard, and I deal with weeds and poor, sandy soil. It sounds like you should maybe write a book with gardening advice! Except that it would take away from your time in the gardens, and they sound too beautiful to be away from. I would love to see some photos. Your flowers and plants must be amazing. I cannot imagine the variety you must have! <br />
<br />
I tried planting some Delphinium this year, in Zone 10a! (Sometimes I think they should rezone us to Zone 11.) That is a bit crazy, but I tried anyway. They are scraggly but still hanging in there, although I'm not getting height nor giant bursts of blooms, but amazed they are still alive in this heat.

Thank you, Consumer!

That is what I do first thing in the morning during nice weather, Betty. The gardens are large and sprawling and weave along the brook and through the woods as well and around the lawn and house. I start at the patio and admire all the pots of flowers and bonsais and then stroll to the herb garden. From there I wind my way to the raised bed vegetable garden and next to the back of the property to where the children's garden is. I circle along the back border of perennials to the secret garden and then to the pond where I stop to feed the koi. I am now near the path to the woodland beds which I follow to the brook and waterfall. I come out of the shade gardens near the Japanese garden and weave my way to the bed under the century maple that holds my prized blue hosta. At each stop are special plants that I happily greet--the dwarf weeping hemlock, the lady slipper orchids, the ladies mantle, the kroussa regal hosta--many special friends. It truly is a dream come true.<br />
<br />
I wish you could walk with me, but sometimes you are there because many times I am holding my friends in my heart as I walk.

Hi Swan! Yes, another year has rolled around since I wrote this story. It is now officially thirty years since I bought the house and started the gardens! Honey locust and concolor fir that I planted way back then are large and glorious specimens now. Starter size rhododendrons are massive woodland beauties and this week are adorned with blooms. Perennials beds have massive drifts of color.<br />
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Thirty years ago when I started the gardens my mom and dad made daily trips to check on the progress of the remodeling and mom, from who I got my love of flowers, and I would walk around the grounds and she would tell me how very lucky I was to have this property with its brook and woods and fields. Many of the first perennials I planted came from her gardens, and I cherish them today.<br />
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The vast amount and scope of gardens that I now have could only be created by the energy and the dreams of the young, which is what I was when I started them. Because I planned well, they are lush and full and weeds hardly have a chance! They are relatively easy to maintain and I can spend my time puttering and enjoying now instead of doing the back breaking work they originally entailed. I remember thinking all those years ago that I needed to plan well so I did not become a slave to them, and that is how it turned out. My mother was right. I am very lucky. I am so glad that the young Datura had a dream.

Yes, Monet is what I remember... and so happy to hear you happily playing in your life-giving gardens at last!!! Happy rebirth...

I have a story about the secret garden that describes it, POE. You would love it, I think. The fairies and nature divas visit it often!

You believe in faries, sprites, etc also :) !? Ditto :D!!!


I sure would like to see your gardens....especially the "secret" one!<br />

Hi Sparklily! Yes, I do have lots of gardens and I am in my glory now that spring is here! I've not been on EP much lately and that is why. I'm outside getting my hands dirty and my soul revitalized :-)

Wow, I was reading the story and the replies below, and you have a lot of beautiful gardens! That's wonderful. You have all sorts of plants and styles, that really sounds lovely! I love gardens.<br />
<br />
I'm at my desk right now, but I have a little cactus here hehe, it makes me happy :)

It appears that I'm not the only one that gets a thrill when a seed catalog arrives.

I work at Lowe's and I buy to many plants, so I know what you are talking about. The other day, I bought 18 clematis plants that were on clerance for 2 dollars each

Where are you located?

Sure, why not! Would you put paths around the circles? What would you use to hold the soil in the circles if they are raised?

Zone 5 is appreciating a winter wonderland right now, with heavy snowfall, and no crocus in sight yet. I should be seeing the hellebores any time.<br />
<br />
My sense of excitement as spring approaches is enormous. When warm weather finally arrives, the first thing I do each day is take a walk outside (yes.. in my PJ's) to see what's popping up.I can't wait to be greeted by the daffodils and lungwort!

And for me the rebirth in springtime after a winter of below zero temps and heavy snows.

Know what you mean about the poppies. I have a spot dedicated to them and it sort of fills in with mallow after the poppies are done. They don't seem to compete.

I have problems with oriental poppies. I love them and then I forget I planted them because of the bare spot so I always plant over them.. Then later I'm wondering where did I plant that darn poppy :-)

And sometimes they are very invasive weeds. At times it causes me to re-evaluate friends! Not! I never look a gift plant in the face.

I always get pleasant surprises in the spring. Something always pops up that I forgot I planted there.

I like to hide bulbs in the landscape for just that purpose

I do that too, Albert!

I love getting my new plant catalogs. In fall I drew out garden maps on graph paper and drew in all the plants i was going to order to surround our back deck. They all came at once and I was planting until the snow came. I can't wait to see them come up in Spring.

I love it!

I just realized as I reread the posting that there are even more, but you get the idea, I'm obsessed.

Well, BitKitty-- telling you about my gardens is a long story!I've got a circular herb garden surrounded by cut barn foundation stones with a brick walk to the center and a sundial.<br />
<br />
I've got woodland gardens on paths I've cleared through the woods using native plants and rhodies, ferns,etc.<br />
<br />
Water gardens around my pond--trying to keep Monet in mind when I did them.<br />
<br />
Shade gardens in a side yard that has maple trees, with azaleas, rhodies, mt. laurel, and shade perennials.<br />
<br />
Raised bed vegetable garden<br />
<br />
Cutting gardens for flowers<br />
<br />
rose gardens, the aforementioned secret garden, big hosta plantings ,daylily borders, a rather barren hilly area of more or less prairie plants, cottage garden, a Japanese garden. A lot of the gardens are like outdoor rooms.<br />
<br />
It developed over almost 30 years, and it is the love of my life as far as a hobbie, meditation, and spiritual sanctuary.

sounds like a grardeners' dream and a palette to be discovered! wow :)