I Love My Little Garden

I have bright green hostas with white stripes on the outside, short orange tiger lilies, some big orange daisies (not sure what kind), a miniature rosebush, some daffodils, some irises, and a few violets. Oh, and a bunch of daylilies. And two giant white lilac bushes, which smell wonderful, but I've always liked the purple better =)

Dose anyone know some good garden plants that are happy in New England in the shade?

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3 Responses May 26, 2008

I have my own garden, and have 'ABIQUA DRINKING GOURD', 'ALL THAT JAZZ', 'CAT'S EYE', 'GRAND CANYON' and some are HEUCHERA 'COCO', 'ELECTRA', 'GRAPE SODA'many more plants. According to me hostas are perfect in shade, they require water..

I would love to see photos of your garden.<br />
There are petunias that grow in semi-shade.

Nope, but I posted a few new pictures of what is blooming in my yard today.