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Working To Show You My Garden.

I love to share my garden.
Unfortunately,  because you all can't visit and look around I can only share it in photo's.
I just created a new album of garden pics, it cost me more than half my tokens.
EP' Hopes that I/we will buy new tokens with real money.
Sorry EP. but as well s being a gardener I am a writer, I will write stories and comments until I earn back my tokens. I will keep my money in my pocket thanks.

To my friends, and anyone else who enjoys looking at my garden pics. THEY ARE ALL PUBLIC.
Please leave comments if you like the pics, so that I know that my efforts are appreciated.
As I've written before in other posts, what's the point of photo's if no one looks at them, it kind of defeats the point of their existence.

Anyhoo, for those of you who look, I really hope you enjoy.
I enjoyed creating the garden and I love it. 
AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 3 Responses May 26, 2012

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Your garden is beautiful, the time, thought and effort you put into it are evident in every photo.

Thanks for that ava, I enjoy the challenge of creating something that, first I can appreciate and enjoy myself, but it's also very rewarding to find that so many others also appreciate my efforts.

I looked and totally enjoyed all of them and commented on each! hugs and hugs for sharing with us!!

Thans sie, I can always rely on you.

I appreciate your efforts Ari!! xx

Thanks so much hc.