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Every Morning. Illustrated.

Every morning I get up, make coffee then take it into the garden (weather permitting). I have to push around the garden very carefully with the coffee on a small tray on my lap, any jolting and the coffee spills all over.

So I roll around this beautiful little corner of paradise taking in each wonderful plant and flower, admiring the beauty and smelling all the scents.
The centre piece of my little haven is the curved path that leads first between, Spirea with Wargrave pink geranium growing up through it on the right,

and Nellia Thibetica, a rapidly growing shrub that bears masses of pink flowers in spring on the left.
Next comes a big group of Perovskia on the right, which has to be stroked to leave it's powerful scent on my fingers. On the left, weeping Pyracantha, with white phlox below it.

Then all too quickly, because the garden is very small, I reach the arch.
Covered on the right with the foliage of yellow Honeysuckle and on the left festooned with the blooms of sweet peas. As i've rolled along the path, i've been aware of the scent off sweat peas but now the heady scent fills my nostrils, bees, hoverflie's and butterflies flit over the prolific little flowers and I just sit there taking in the beauty through my eyes and nostrils.

I then cut a bunch of sweat peas to take indoors. I cut them because you have to, if you want to keep your sweet peas flowering.
As I push away with my little treasure on the tray by my coffee cup, I notice the almost black leaves of Huechera Obsidian and behind them the contrasting spires of purple loostrife to my right, the last plants in that curved bed.

I swing around to my left and look down at the tiny coral pink blooms of Huechera Rave on, with the tall dark purple stems of Lobelia Cardinalis above them promising stunning scarlet blooms in a week or two's time.

This centre piece of my garden is growing well, and looking as though it may fulfill the vision I had for it when I conceived it during the winter of 09/10.

I'll share it with you as best I can, in my photograph's.

AlmostAristotle AlmostAristotle 61-65, M 10 Responses Aug 8, 2012

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I had not seen this before! Your garden is an oasis, Ari. I like thinking of you there, with your coffee and tray, rolling gently, taking snips of flowers and placing them on your tray....a very rich and nourishing morning ritual, full of soul food and eye candy. :)

Your garden is gorgeous and I loved the anecdote.

I thought there was a nice tall Aquilegia in the first photo behind the spirea, is that what it is? Thankyou for sharing :)

Yes Handed, that is indeed a tall pink Aquilegia that chose that spot for itself.
The orange Crocosmia's that you can see in the third pic, dead centre, also chose that perfect spot for themselves.
I love the way plants randomly seed themselves around, the plants seem to know where they'll look good.

I love that too :). Your garden is beautiful and you speak about it with respect and love for each individual plant. It's a really great feeling to wander your garden when you can appreciate it with such joy, best wishes to you.

Just loved the garden tour, Ari. Everything looks so lush and colorful. Absolutely beautiful. Heaven on earth! I'm so glad you have this beautiful spot to nurture and enjoy!

Thank you datura. As you probably know some of the flowers in the photo's are now going or have gone over, but new plants are just begining to flower.
This garden is now three years old, next year I think it will begin to feel mature.
The shrubs will certainly be much bigger.
It's interesting to compare my first garden pic's with this years. The difference is very obvious.

Wow, its an overworked word, but this is the right place for it. What a wonderfully colourful garden you have. Everything looks so healthy too. The hours of work and loving care you give to your plants certainly bring rewards.

Thanks very much ava. It's a labour of love.

Applause, this is over the top wonderful Ari! You win the award for most visually charming and sensually captivating post of the year my dear friend! WOOO WOOO~~~ :-D

Woweeeeeeee ! thanks hilly, that's a prize worth winning. So happy you liked my little mix of writing and illustrating.

LOl .. that is just the same as what I said .. just a bit more flowery :)

I have a tendancy to be a bit "floral" (she slaps hands!) :=D It was divine though!

You have excelled yourself here Ari .. great writing and great pics. You truly have a very beautiful garden :)

Thank you so much Tas. we both know who to thank for the illustrations.

Well yes, but I didnt like to draw attention to that :)

I LOVE the illustrations!! It totally makes a perfect story even MORE PREFECT!! ♥

Aww Ari...This is a PERFECT story...... It goes hand in hand with all your pictures.... I honestly felt like I was right there with you smelling the sweet peas..... :) <br />
<br />
I want you to know that the last story I handed in in my writing class was inspired by you and your garden!! I might post it tomorrow...It got the best grade and review of anything I ever wrote before....... So I owe you a BIG thanks you for inspiring me to do something that good...But it's words like this that goes straight to the heart.... ♥

Thank you sie, I'm so pleased that you enjoyed strolling along the curved path with me.
The sweet peas as you will know because you follow my gardening efforts so closely, are a new addition this year, i intend to have them every year now.
I want the plant's that border the curved path to grow tall enough that you can't see over them, so you have to walk along the path to get to see the smaller plants in there.
It's an amazing joy to watch your vision become a reality.
It's also a great honour to hear that my garden inspired you to write at your best.

I think sweet peas are my favouritist flower .. EVER!

Aww Ari.....YOU inspire me, right along with your garden..... ♥

What a magnificent way to start your day! :-)<br />
It's always a pleasure to see your new pics. Thanks for sharing your greatest joy with us.

As I typed this story Ricki I had the small vase of seet peas just next to me, I could take in their scent with every breath.
It is indeed my greatest joy, and such a pleasure to have wonderful friends on EP. to share with.

I wish, I could sit there with you in your garden, having a nice cuppa coffee together and chatting the time away. I wonder how your voice sounds.