She Dared Me To Pick Up Another Girl

When we were still in school, my girlfriend and I would go to other college cities, rent a room for the night and go out to the bars. I would always encourage her to dress real slutty because we didn't know anybody. She would always wear short skirts or real low tank tops and start to lose her inhibitions as we drank more. It always turned me on watching guys fall all over her and it gave me time to go around and flirt with other girls while she was busy. We always had a good time, and would have great sex when we got back to the hotel. There was this one weekend in the summer when we went out-she dared me she could pick up a guy who would **** her before i could get a girl. To me this was a win-win because it gave me a chance to get some random ***** and make her watch otherwise i knew it would be hot to have some other guy ***** my girl naked and have his way with her.
Long story short-we went into this bar both on a mission. My girlfriend was wearing a short white skirt and a little pink top against her tan body...i knew it wouldn't take long for her to grab a male companion for the night. When we went out it was already pretty late and everyone at the bar was feeling pretty good. I went up to a two girls sitting at the bar and started laying some game, it didn't take long and we were taking shots laughing and it was looking good. The next thing i know i look towards the door and my girlfriend is walking out with another guy holding hands. I knew they were going back to the hotel so i started to work hard on getting this one girl out of the bar. About 15 minutes later she was ready to leave w me.
We took a taxi back to the hotel and were making out the entire time in the back seat. She kept telling me how horny she was and was rubbing my **** through shorts. When we got to the hotel my mind was racing because i knew my girlfriend was probably in the room with another guy. Sure enough I opened the door and my girl was on the bed naked with her legs in the air, some random guy with his **** in her going to town. It was such a mixture of jealousy and extacy watching him pound her. I had seen her with other guys before but it went on right in front of my eyes, it was with my friends, and most of the time i was there to join in. This time it was a guy of her choosing and she was just a piece of *** to use. The girl with me looked so confused but i decided to roll with it and keep kissing her. She was pretty drunk and seemed kind of turned on with the whole situation. I pinned her against the wall with my back to my gf and we started kissing hard, running our hand all over each other. I pulled her top off and started sucking on her nipples, this gave her a view of the guys *** who was ******* my gf on the bed. I could her my gf moaning as this guy was giving it to her. I finished stripping this girl i was with and she immediately got on her knees to suck me off, i was impressed with how cool this chick was. Her body was nice too, she had big boobs, probably c's maybe d's but way bigger than my gf's. After a bit of **** sucking i picked her up and layed her on her back next to my girl on the bed - entering her wet ***** with my hard ****. My gf put her guy she was with on his back and started riding him, with her body facing my. She leaned back giving him a complete view of her naked body and he ****** and fingered her *****, she came right away as she loved this position. He told her he was going to *** and for some reason i told her to busy it on her face. This was the first words i spoke to him and i didn't know why but i wanted to see it. She obliged got on her knees and sucked his **** until he busted his entire load on her face and ****. Meanwhile i turned the girl i was with into doggystyle position. My gf rubbed this guys *** all over her and laid on all fours next to the girl, inviting me to **** her from behind too. I was taking turns on the two and eventually nutted on the random girls back. The guy got dressed and left the room, satisfied, I'm sure.
I got the girl a towel and cleaned off my *** from her back, her *** still sticking in the air towards me. She asked what the foursome was about so we explained the dare to her. I was worried she would be offended but she was cool with it and just asked if she could stay the night because she didnt have want to take a cab this late. We let her stay in the bed with us that night and i felt like a kind with these two hot girls next to me. When my gf fell asleep i turned to the other girl and felt her body up until i went to bed. It was a nice break from the usual sex and maybe the hottest experience my wife and i have ever shared...
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Spontaneous...wonderful & thanks for giving us that, along with the pics is a vision.