Falling Leaves.....

She is my salvation, and my rock ... she strengthens me, comforts me, challenges me, teaches me, and loves me with the most undying devotion i have ever felt.   for those of you who know me already, you know l speak of my eternal soul mate, tgrsldy.  you will find her and her stories here in EP, and will see as you look over her profile and compare it ti mine, that we often write to each other, and about each other.   this is another instance of that.  She has written a beautiful piece about me and why she loves me... and this is my poor attempt to reciprocate.

 My lady and I took a while to connect fully.  but when our individual circumstances were right, we connected and sparks flew - like an arc welder on high power!  It was, and continues to be magical, romantic, and so strong a loving and supportive relationship, that it is hard to describe adequately.   My lady inspires me, creatively and practically, to be my best.  she is so unselfish and so willing to be there fore me any time i might need her ... Thank you, My dearest!  Here is a little something for you...

A leaf falls in winter, it's beauty and life over as the season change...

     but your love continues through all seasons.

A child grows and leaves home to start a life,

     Yet our lives together have just started.

The fragrance of perfume wafts away in a breeze,

     But our love withstands hurricanes and tornados.

You are fresh and alive, and loving beyond end

     but where I was, i withered like the leaves of autum.

 You welcome me into your live with open honest love

     And I run under your protective wings and snuggle in your warmth.

You, my darling, give me the courage i need to slay dragons and fight vipers

     Your love is all the armor i need to protect my fragile inner self.

We have bared our souls, shared our souls, and  joined our souls as one

   Our hearts beat together in love, and our minds frequently share feelings, thoughts and words.

We, you and I, were brought together one winter's day when clouds gathered and storms raged

Yet when together it is always a bright spring day with flowers and birds and sunshine.

     Why do i love you?  I love you for who you are, no more, and no less

You are my eternal love, mate and wife, my Tigress.


My lady, as you know, when the words do not come, saying anything is difficult  ...and when the flow, they appear on the page faster than you can recognize them to write them.    Why do i love you?  because your courage, strength, love, and intelligence were instantly recognized by my soul; i have loved you since our first EP exchange, and i pursued you relentlessly.   I knew, and later you shared that perfect knowledge, that our loves was eternal, extending from before time began; we have always belonged together and loved each other, timelessly, royally, perfectly, and effortlessly.  Now in these mortal and aging bodies, we have found each other after battles and losses, pain and torture.  But we did find each other, recognized each other and we have renewed out eternal pledges to each other.   i will not leave your side, and i will not cease to love you no matter what obstacles arise, nor what difficulties we face, for we face all together...

Why?   Why do i love my lady?  there is no easy answer; the best i can say is because she has been given to me, and I to her, when we were most desperate, most desperate, most venerable.   God provides, and we have been given as gifts to each other from Heaven.  So Why?  Because i have always loved you, baby, and i always shall.  It is like asking why leaves fall in the winter  ... because that is just how there were made.   She was made for me, and I her, and that is the way God intends.  That is why.  


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1 Response Feb 14, 2010

Poor attempt , infuckingdeed!!!!!! You, my darling Tiger, are a poet ..both in fact and in your soul. You have a gift for putting to the screen in written words, the feelings of our hearts and souls. Thank you, sweetheart for this exquisite poem..the prose part ain't too bad ,either!!! Actually the entire writing touches my soul so very deeply, baby!! I love you, Tiger...and need you..more than you know..I will never leave you, baby...never!!! yes....we WILL get through ALL of this bullshit that's been tossed our way....and get our revenge by being ecstatic!!!!! **** 'em all, baby.....we don't need anything they've got to give!! <br />
<br />