Another 10 More Random Things.

1. My Girlfriend makes me feel like such a girl and I secretly loves it because no one has ever made me feel that way before ^^

2. I'll be running away with My Girlfriend in 8 days time!

3. I haven't been sending snail mails to My Girlfriend because I don't have any stamps :(

4. My Girlfriend takes real good care of me and she kissed my forehead before she left when I passed out from drinking.

5. She's mine and I'm always going to keep her safe :)

6. We had Our first year Anniversary a couple of days ago and it was simple because we didn't do anything much and that's just how I love it.

7. I'm spoiling My Girlfriend when we're in KL in 8 days time.

8. I miss My Girlfriend already but she's asleep right now and we're having Our Provocation Exhibition meeting at 11am, which means, I'll be seeing her today!

9. Nobody's taking her away from me!

10. I love her more than I did yesterday and I'm really in love with her and I love her more than anything! :D

Hi Tarea, I love you :D

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1 Response Feb 28, 2010

This is adorable.