My Sick Girlfriend

Okay, the timing of this blogpost isn’t right. Especially after I declared to the world that I am getting married soon. My global fans were quite sad to hear this news. They simply enjoy my posts about my troublesome girlfriends, and they feared I may stop talking about the lovely girls in my life once I get married. So I decided to write one last post about my (latest) girlfriend.
My (latest) girlfriend is sick. And when I say ‘sick’, I don’t mean pathetic or sad. I mean she is literally sick, or unwell. It’s no fun to be unwell. And it’s even lesser fun when your girlfriend is unwell. Since last two days, my girlfriend (I mostly avoid mentioning their names as by the time the blogpost is published, I am dumped by them) has been sneezing and coughing to her heart’s content (if that’s the right proverb to use here). And while doing all that, she has been complaining about her ill health endlessly on phone and through SMSes. As her parents are away, I am the one who needs to run with her to the doc, and buy medicines (of course, on my own credit card).
Someone advised her to drink ginger tea. So I made a kettle-full of ginger tea for her quite gingerly. Then her mother rang, and advised her to inhale hot water through a vaporizer. So here I was, in her kitchen (my presence in her apartment was till date restricted to the living room and her bedroom ), trying to locate the vaporizer amid the mesh of utensils.
And then, she was hungry. So we ordered food (of course, again on my own credit card) from outside. Whether she is down with cold, cough or fever, my girlfriend’s appetite is affected never (sorry for that poor rhyme effort).
After gulping down a bottle of Coke (her cold, cough notwithstanding) and three slices of pizza (its junk food nature notwithstanding), she dozed off, only to get up in the morning. I was there, sleeping (unfortunately) on the sofa, and the boxes of pizza and bottles of Coke still lying on the table. Sensing that I may have to clean up the mess, and even make another kettle-full of ginger tea for her, I decided to quietly sneak away.  
Her parents are back home now, and she is recovering fast. She has now decided to break off with me as I am getting married to someone else. Being a boyfriend of a sick girlfriend has taught me one important thing: You are always busier than Santa Claus is on the midnight of 24th of December. But the difference is that Santa Claus gets appreciation. I got the boot.
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Apr 12, 2012