My First Sex

I was 14 yrs. old. i had my girlfriend . i always wanting her to come in our house. I love her more than i love myself. one time when I'm alone in the house i txt her to went to our house and she came. were just having fun. sing together , talking about ourselves, and after that she's getting tired she fall asleep at the sofa in dining room after a while she wake up. we're just having fun again and she always tickle me at my waist.. and laughing at me and says " YOUR A GAY" and smile and say again "JUST KIDDING MY DEAR" ..she tickle me again and i push her to the wall and kissed her to the lips to stop doing that , shes trying to take away my lips. i hold her waist and suddenly she kissed me very tightly. i love the way she kissed me. meanwhile we went to my room and i started removing all her clothes and touching all her body .. and start having sex with her.. it's my first time and also her .. i'm not expecting this .. but it's good .. I was apologizing at her for what i've done..

to MY girlfriend: i'm really really sorry for what i've done. i didn't mean what i've done .. i love you just the way you are and not because of you physical appearance .. mark my word .. SORRY AGAIN :(
neverminds neverminds
13-15, M
Dec 10, 2012