Protecting Relationship

i loved a girl soo much.we were really doing great.but unfortunately before we fell in love,i had sex with her sister.that was my first time having sex plus her sister was crazy and so i fell into that after 2years,we are living in the middle.i mean we are sooo happy together but at the same time she keeps onthinking about the past and although we broke up again and again,we just cannot forget each we broke up again,and we start talking by email because i am far away in another country.she says she cannot forget me too.somebody help me?as a girl what do you expect from this kind of guy?what do u really want in life to put away your sister more than your boyfriend?
barnesjones barnesjones
22-25, M
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

That is are tough one to comment on...but I send you my prayers.