I Miss The Old Her

Let me explain We've been together 1-1/2 years and lately it seem like she's fallen down and no matter how many times I tell her "you can" she refuses to listen. For example she would say "I can't calm down" I would say "yes you can" before she would say "But (insert reason why upset)" and I would say "if you try you can" and she would sigh and try her best to regain her composure.But now she says "I can't I just can't do it It's to much stress" or the classic "You don't know that" and this last one makes me angry "no I can't I'm not strong enough."

Even the way she holds herself is knocked down. I'm funny, I'm cute, I'm smart, I know what to do and when to do it. The confidence that shot through the roof has now plummeted though the floor. I'm ugly, I'm not intelligent,(Note: I think she's more intelligent if she goes from saying smart to intelligent),and "I can't do anything right.

One of the worst new thing is she hasn't cared... about herself. The old her would say "I can do this," "I won't do that" "I'm better then this," and "We'll be together forever." Now I keep hearing in my head over and over again her saying "I'm not strong," "they tell me I'm not strong," "I can't do this" " I can't take it" "I'll do it" and "maybe it's better for you if you leave." It drives me nuts.

Lastly now she's trying to prove stuff to people in wrong ways. Before to prove she was independent she would do he job be there be nice to everyone and keeping her head up. Now to prove independence she need tattoos, hair dye, earings, and other junk like that.

Nothing is the same but I still love her. There's  that little glimpse of the old her I see maybe once a week though that keeps me loving her but if that glimpse fades and her confidence and care for herself vanishes...Let's just hope that our love doesn't vanish too.
TheConfusedMitch TheConfusedMitch
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1 Response Jan 5, 2013

Sounds like she is battling an enter devil that's telling her these things.