I Love My God So Much

God is everything to me, He made me a better person and some people might say God is useless or god is just a waste of time, but it's diffinetly REAL and he exists, he is somewhere up there in the sky, higher than the earth, higher than the space, higher than everything in this world, He gave us all these living things, He made a life for everyone not only for humans, for underground, for an ant, for a fish, for a bird, he never forgot to have alot of mercy, he is so nice to people, but some may blame him for no reason. Also some people might say it's a waste of time to pray lets go party and dance! Life is not just having fun and showing off. God made this world to test us if we were patient, strong prayer, a good helper, smart person. I'm not saying that you are a bad person for not believing in God, but you must believe in Him. And i have a story that will prove that God is with us and He is so kind. First of all i actually didn't believe in God, so i went to another school and i was so shy, but i thought it was a good school and i always did the homework and tried my best and got As and i was a smart student, but then some mean girls came to me and annoyed me as hell, they told me how ugly i was, they were spitting on me, hitting me, telling me VERY bad words, stealing my stuff..ohh it was a nightmare and they did alottt of things just to hurt me. After that i went to the bathroom and cried alot that i missed a class, then my teacher shouted at me and then they continued bullying me till i got B then C and my grades were getting lower bit by bit. Everyday i went to school, they annoyed me, then i went home and cried alone. So all of this continued for 9 months and then the summer holiday began and everyone went travelling, having fun blah blah except me. MY family didn't actually have enough money to travel or to go anywhere, so i sat home crying and crying for my life and i thought this was all just a nightmare. I didn't have any friends, nobody liked me and i was actually ugly. I looked out the mirrior to see happy children playing and smiling faces, then i cried more and more. Next i rememberd how everyone treated me badly even my parents told me that i was ugly and stupid, so i cried alot and i stabbed myself twice on my chest and the pain was HORRIBLE omg! and there was alottt of blood everywhere and i wasn't scared or anything i just wanted to die. I only put a towel on my chest and rubbed it then sat down thinking what should i do? I didn't have any hope, so i thought about God is He really there and can He help me? So i prayed a little and i felt good then i prayed alot! i asked God if He could make me beautiful, have some good, nice friends, be smart again and my school to love me. I told myself that i was stupid for asking some wishes that will never come true, so i cried more and lost my hope. My summer holiday finished and back to school again. I was so scared and terrified, because i didn't want this nightmare to come again. I went to my class and amazingly ALL OF MY ENEMIES DISAPPEARED, they all went to another school and new students came and they were extremly kind. I was smarter than before and i had a prize for getting A*s ALL the time. And everyone was calling my, "hey pretty girl!" And my teachers liked me alot, we hanged out so many times i had great friends and my school loved me my parents kissed me everywhere, because they were proud of me! THANK YOU GOD, finally i prayed for Him to thank Him and i was really happy! And this is true i'm not making it up i swear! 

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2 Responses Mar 25, 2009

oh thank you. :) and i hope all the good for you. I'll pray for you to have a happy life :D, i know there is some part of you that wants to pray and to believe in God, so please do.

great touching story