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We have one grandchild, he is two, his name is Jace. The sun rises in his big blue eyes, he makes me go weak with love, to see him coming toward me smiling saying "Granny" in that sweet loving way that only he can say "Granny" changes my brain chemistry, wakes me up inside, makes me say "YES" to every request, makes me grateful to be alive in ways that I cannot communicate with mere words. This is a surprise, I did not know this kind of love was possible in the human experience....I thought being a parent was the biggest love of all, but....the sage ones knew to put "grand" in front of this title for a reason~
hillbillycrone hillbillycrone 56-60, F 2 Responses May 25, 2012

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I love that first photo of you both, really beautiful.<br />
You are blessed to have each other. xxxx

Thank You Jenni, can you IMAGINE yourself being a Grandmother one day? flies by, I couldn't imagine this either at your age!

Hugs and Thank You darling. xxxx

I can't even imagine being a mother. Maybe it will happen someday...


I have a dear friend who recently became a grandmother for the first time and she has told me, almost word for word, exactly what you have said here. Is it much easier when you have a grandchild because you pretty much know what to expect from raising your own? From what I gather, the love that you feel is just different from the love you feel for your children. Not saying the love is more or less, just different. I think you are a wonderful Granny and EP mama. Everyone that gets a chance to know you is so very blessed~ love and hugs for you and Jace~

It's so exciting to have ALL of your focus on the child and (ideally) not have to worry about being the actual provider and parent, your whole duty is to teach, spoil, LOVE and Care. It's simply a divine relationship.
Thank You Miss EP daughter and friend. Love and Hugs to you and yours dear one.xx