My Grandmother

My grandmother made a great impression on me.  I knew if no one else in the world loved me, grandmother did.  I have eight grandchildren...   I am blessed.  I hope I am making a positive impact on all my grandchildren. 

One of the first poems I ever wrote was about my grandmother.   She saved it.  Here it is. 


Grandma Favorite Gift                    I remember Christmas of 1974 when I had no money to give my grandma a gift.   I wrote the following poem and letter.                 My Grandma Did you see the little lady with the white hair? I can proudly say, “That’s my Grandma.” She carries a smile wherever she goes, and loves even her foes. Her years may be many, but her heart is younger than any I know. I love that Grandma of mine. I love the twinkle in her eyes. I love the big kisses she gives. She brings joy to my life. When I was a four old little girl, I sat on her lap and listened to her exciting stories about life and people. I asked her once, “Where will you go when you die?” “I will go straight into your heart and live there forever,” she said. Grandma has always cared about the poor and broken hearted. She’s a giver. She loves life and people. I know someday when grandma gets to heaven, Jesus will say to her: “When I was hungry, you fed me. When I was thirsty, you game me a drink. When I needed compassion, you were there.” Grandma once said, “If I could just be a cobweb on the ceiling of heaven I would be happy.” My Grandma will not be a cobweb on the ceiling of heaven. She will be a princess! For she has the greatest gift of all. She has love. Grandma, I love you. This is my gift to you this Christmas of 1974. I don’t have any money.  All I can give you is my love.                    It was two weeks before Christmas of 1978.   Grandma and I shared a late Thanksgiving dinner together. She cooked for two days to prepare for the dinner. There was turkey with all the trimmings and hours of heart to heart conversation with my best friend and soul mate, Grandma. I could talk to her about anything knowing that I was loved, cherished and accepted. All the gifts, paintings and articles I had written were displayed in her home. She had not thrown away anything I had ever given her.   A few days after I got home from my grandmothers home, she was rushed to the hospital with a heart attack.   I walked into the hospital thinking of how I would encourage her. But when I asked the nurse for directions to her room she said, “Your grandmother is dead.”             A dark cloud filled my soul in the days that followed. Her house was lonely and empty. The laughter, fun and joy were gone. People came and went telling me to have faith, but my heart was broken.    As I left her home to get clothes for the funeral, my grandfather said, “Your grandmother wants you to have this tape recorder.”             I noticed a tape in the recorder as I got in the car. I took the tape out and popped it into the car’s cassette player as I drove home. To my surprise Grandma’s voice came over the speakers, “This poem was written by my precious granddaughter,” she said.   “It is the most precious gift I have ever received.”             Her parakeet chirped in the background as she read my poem.   “I won’t be a cobweb on the ceiling of heaven, I will be a princess. And I will live in your heart forever.” 





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Feb 28, 2009