My Little Fuzzy Head :)

My oldest son and his wife gave me the most precious gift last Sept. - a little baby girl whom I absolutely adore. She is 5 months old and so sweet! She hardly ever cries, loves to be held, is cute as a button, smiles and coos and low and behold - today she found her toes :)

I have been blessed with her presence for two weeks now (due to circumstances out of my son's control). She amazes me each and every waking moment. Even if she cries in the middle of the night and wakes up the house... when I go to see what is wrong she wiggles and giggles and coos. What a gift!!

I wish I could keep her with me forever but, I know that eventually babies must be with their mommys and daddys :(

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3 Responses Feb 13, 2010

I never believed that the feeling of youth and your first true love in your life would ever be attained again.To that I owe my wife of 42 yrs. I have since indeed fell in love all over again. I am once again a teenager awaiting that same call that raced my heart and became so anxious to see her face and to hold her once more. This new sensation I owe to my 3 yr old grandaughter who has literally turned the clock and my outlook on life. The skip is back in my step. Upon a doctors visit I was told I had developed atrial fribulation a uncontollable heart malfunction where the heart races out of rythm then suddenly returns to normal. My doctor told me to try and control my anxious excitement levels because it can be dangerous. I quietly smiled to myself because I know these days that is virtually impossible because of my flower. I will happily end this post because I can no longer see the keyboard through water filled eyes just thinking of her.<br />
May God bless all of you who love your children and grandchildren because they are already blessed to have you.<br />
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Hi my dear friend.I know how happy you are feeling cause recently my eldest son came back after 13 yrs with his son 3 yrs old.I have not seen my grandsons.Matthew really makes me and Philip so happy.

One of Gods great gifts, my heart could burst with the love that I have for them