A Letter To My Grandpa

Dear Grandpa,
Thank you for playing volleyball with me. I love when I would run down the hall and come give you a big hug. I would love to sleep peacefully next to you again. You were so tender and gentle. You were firm and never took ****. You were the best man I ever knew. You loved God, yourself, and others. You were respected because you were selfless. You were clean and hardworking. You were true to Grandma. You were generous and courageous. You were honest. You were fun!!!! You taught me to drive. You brought me candy every day after school. You finished my homework after we started together and I fell asleep. You let me be teacher using the door as a chalkboard. You played jump rope and chinese jump rope with me. You were a good cook. You watched me get hurt on the trampoline and made me feel I was the world's champion olympian!!! You gave me 10 cents to water the plants. You took me everywhere. You'd tickle my feet. We fixed up the place for my dad- who is not really like you at all. You provided for me without complaining. We sat at the table and ate together. You encouraged my dreams. We were so happy knowing we were going to be together forever. We traveled together. We read together. You were in a wheelchair at my graduation. And toward the end, I laid in your bed at the nursing home and told you how much I would love you forever!!! You recited john 3:16. You told me you loved me forever and I was your girl forever. We said goodbye and I sang to you. You never ever hurt me- you only showed me LOVE. I LOVE YOU!!!!! You live in me....always. I cannot wait to see what the future holds. I will make you proud!!!! I already do.
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3 Responses Mar 25, 2011

Lucky lady,to have shared so much with such a loving grandparent.So much to pass on ,a wonderful experience.Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much. I hope to find a man like my grandpa one day! If he is half the man my grandpa was, that'll be enough. ;)

What a beautiful story...sounds much like my father.. you were truly Blessed and still are with such lovely memories. Thanks so much for sharing something so personal.<br />
Ging. I know he is so very proud of you..

Grandpa and I also exercised together! Forgot to tell you that....;)