Granddaughter's 5th Birthday

I miss when my grand kids were little. On my granddaughter's 5th birthday we had a Cinderella themed birthday party. I dressed up like the fairy god mother from Cinderella to surprise her and all the kids. I put her on my lap and said what is your birthday wish. She said she wanted a Ferbie, so I had her close her eyes, pull out a Ferbie from behind me and gave it to her. She was so happy and all the kids smiled. I'm glad to have made her wish come true.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

Very sweet story. :)


This is such a cute story.A granny who would dress up as a fairy god mother....:-) lucky child

Thanks. Happiness leads to success so I did what I could to make the grand kids happy.

you are a blessing..hope they know that.