So my grandmother fell last week, she is 93. Thankfully she is okay, but her face is all busted up. It looks like she just got out of a boxing match. She is embarrassed to go out, but I convinced her to let me take her to the mall for a haircut. She insisted to the stylist she wanted curls, which she doesn't usually get. Her haircut came out ridiculous but she was happy with it, so I told her she looked beautiful. My idiot sister laughed at my grandma when she first saw the hairdo. My grandmother then joked with me "Your sister laughed at me!", to which I replied "Isn't she a bad granddaughter?". My Grandmother's response: "Yep".
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2 Responses Aug 25, 2014

Your grandma sounds cool =)

I don't know if she is cool, but she is very kind and always has a positive disposition. She appreciates the little things in life and is always happy with what she has.

I love my Nana so much. I adore her, she's 90. Your grandma is cool. She rocks her curls n has a sense of humour about it too =)

Your a good grandson and a caring person. Makes me smile that you care for your Granny so much.

She is one of the few people who loved me unconditionally. She gave me so much and helped take care of myself and my two siblings when my parents were working. I am not embarrassed that she likes to hold my hand when we walk.

I think that is do sweet. I am sure others that see you together think so too. :)