I Hope I'm Like Her When I'm Old

I adore my grandma. She's in her late seventies now and slowing down-but she's certainly not dead. :)

What to say? I love, love, love her! I could say so many things, how amazing kind she is, how strong she is, how she can melt even my grumpy bossy uncle and hot tempered mother in two seconds flat, how every year she calls my stepmom a person she's never even met and wishes her a happy birthday, considers my half-brothers her FULL grandchildren, but what I think must be said is her faith is what amazes me.

I am not very religious, in other circumstances I might have been an agnostic but she alone makes me believe. She not only belives it, but she LIVES it. She doesn't pray on one side then ***** intolerance on the other. She belives in the basic rights of man.

And I swear, her soul shines in her eyes and her life.

Orypeci Orypeci
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Wonderful tributes.<br />
<br />
I've always thought that actions say it all.

That is so great! You are really blessed to have her in your life. My kids feel the same way about my mother.<br />
She is their second mother. She babies them, cooks for them , is always there for them. So we are blessed too.<br />
I hope that she is in your life for a long time to come!