My grandmother is a great person, I love her as another mother, because I am very important to her and she thinks that I'm perfect just the way I am, but if I'm wrong, she corrects me with love and affection. Although part of her heart is made of mechanical valves and it sounds like a clock, she is always there to give us her love and she is still a person with big feelings, full of knowledge and reasons. The reason why I chose my grandmother as the person I admire is, because as a child she had to live with the consequences of a society full of prejudice and repression, but despite that, as mother she formed her family with love. Thanks to her, their children are people with many values and us as her grandchildren also
have taught us the same values our parent and I hope to teach my children each one too.
RianaJames RianaJames
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 29, 2014

Yay for grandmas! Mine used to take me to the park and fed me when I was younger. Now they just say, "Kirsten, be nice!"