The Only One

My dear grandmother will be 94 on March 29th and she is still doing great.
I went to visit her the other day and my mom said she feel like her memory is leaving.
I know my mother is right shes a nurse for over 45 years said that.
But I could not see any evidience on that visit it must been because she was happy to see me.
She told my mother (her daughter) she wanted to see me.
I went and spent the whole part of the day right before I left she told me she was going to
Arizonia soon, I asked how she said, "A plane" If you think one minute she want you are wrong! My grandmother 90 years
old took a train to California by herself.She gets around that well she even told me when I said
I wanted to go to Hawaii when I asked care to join me if I buy your ticket? "Sure!" she said
I said grandma you not scared to go? She said, "If others can go I can too!" I was so shocked.
I want to live long and be still able to move around and do for myself better than my grandma.
I never meet my grandfathers or my father's mom. My grandma is the only grandparent I have known.
Babeondwy Babeondwy
41-45, F
May 25, 2012