Today, I found out that my grandmother's cancer has came back. She has a tumor on her brain, lungs, and liver. She also has pneumonia and a serious urinary tract and kidney infection. I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard. You never really realize how much you love someone until something like this happens. Cherish your loved ones while you can and always make sure they know they are in your heart.
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.. I'm sorry to hear that.. :-(

She passed today.

I'm so sorry.. :-(

It will be ok. She's not suffering anymore and that's really what I care about. It will just be hard not being able to go see her whenever I want to.

Right, .. honor her memory by trying to be the best u can do..

Right. It took everything I had just to get dressed and walk out the door to go to class this morning but I made it. And I have to keep telling myself, "you're going to be ok" because I know she's ok.

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