But Hes Driving Me Nuts!

Hes 93 years old so i should cut him some slack but most of the time its like trying to teach a 5 year old. He has no idea about anything electronic. He constantly asking me about my cell phone and he doesnt get what texting is. It drives me NUTS I would really like him to stop asking about things he will never understand.

When hes not bugging me about electronics he telling me what food they have in the house. They have a tiny house with very little food in it and the food rarely ever changes but yet he still tells me 5 times a day what they have and his favorite thing to say is "If you want to eat something feel free to"...when i get hungry I will eat!

I know im going to miss this when he dies but right now its overly annoying!
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I'm 56 and my aunt and uncle (who have been parents most of my life) are in their mid 80s. They don't get computers and cell phones. But I've got a suggestion.....

Walkie-talkies! Little bitty two way radios that have ringers and on-off switches. Uncle gets it completely because he fought in Korea and that's what young guys used back then.

Long story -- we go to DisneyWorld a couple times a year. We separate. I and my guest do rides, they shop. Aunt has a cellphone but -- never turns it on. But I give my uncle a Walkie-talkie and say "Mark, I'm going to go on this ride, meet you in an hour, I'll ring channel 5-11.

Works like a champ. Everytime. They wander off I say, "meet me at the princess castle in 15 minutes!"

Oh, and as far as eating -- they LOVE buffet restaurants. Old people have tiny appetites. If you take them to normal restaurants, consider asking if they want to share.

Hope this is a successful suggestion, you can get a set of walkie-talkies for $45-$120. You will have to take it home every night and recharge it, though.

Good luck, and thanks for (like me) caring about the elderly. He Really Appreciates your time.

I lost my dadcu (grandfather) 2 years ago and if I ever felt anything like this I regret it every single day of my life! The little things you regret! I'm only 15 and I wish I could just say one last goodbye or hug my dadcu for just one last time, so please be grateful that he's still around, little things like that shouldn't matter just remember that one day you'll never hear him say "if you want to eat something feel free to" , once he's gone you'll wish that you could hear his voice just one last time or just hear that sentence once more!

A) im adopted so i dont have the emotional/biological bond you had B) i have been working with him for three years now and I have to say I am ready for him to die. C) i am 25 years old, i spent one day a week with him every week for the first 6 years of my life and after I started working with him I soon realized the memories I had for my grandpa were all about me having fun not me AND my grandpa having fun. I will miss him but I wont miss the annoying things he says.