My Grandpa Was the Most Amazing Man Ever

Once he told me that beautiful woman are invisible and we are so dazzled by outside so we never make it inside.

Smart man. (wink)


update 29/7/08

My grandpa had many philosophical stories and quotations. But he was most famous for his story telling. When he went to his local pub (his hometown population 340) everybody sat around his table and listen. He was telling mostly funny stories and everybody new it was his imagination but the way he told it was great that we all walk away with believing that we were there. In that story and part of it. That we somewhat participate it in it and help it to shape to the conclusion we all want to hear it. During his time of telling we all have been so quite that you could hear the beer or random shot going down thorough our throats. You could hear match lighted after stroke the box and flame ignited. The inhalation and burning of paper and tobacco and exhaling the smoke with this distinguished sound of enjoyment of smoking. Once a while the scratching sound of a chair or squeaking sound when someone swing on the chair. Sometimes when was rainy you could hear this dull sound of water droplets hitting the roof and windows. And all this was overpowered by my grandpas voice. His very clear voice for such age will stay with me forever. Sometimes his story was interrupted by laughter or silence.

I will always cherish those times... to be continue

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That would be great if I can LOL

your grandpa sounds like a wonderful man, i think you take after him with your creativity & imagination!

why is the first comment deleted? Hmm sad

You're grandpa was a very smart man.

I know what you mean. Yes we do miss people who made great impact on our lives.<br />
My grandpa name was Josef but we called him Pepo. So that's why I call my baby (chihuahua) Pepo. I will write more stories about my grandpa he was really something. LOL