Bigbop And Gummy (and Mamie Too)

I only grew up with my paternal grandparents in the area. My Mamie lives in France, so I didn't see her often. I spent a year in France with my family and stayed with her for a part of it. She's such a French grandmother. She got me into baking, and we spent many of our days baking in her kitchen with all the windows open, the breeze carrying in the scent of the lavender fields outside. She introduced me to the freshest ingredients, and to making a better product by taking more time and care. She's so serious it's hysterical, seeing this old woman drinking wine and smoking a cigarette, waxing poetic about the days when communism was a utopian paradise.

The grandparents I grey up with are BigBop and Gummy. They were extremely fun when we were kids, always showing us new things in nature, helping us make art, or feeding us homemade ice cream (HOMEMADE ICE CREAM!). And now that I'm an adult, they're the awesomest old people ever. They're total hippies. They're very socially progressive, have an amazing sense of humor (BigBop has some pretty outrageous theories about George W Bush and The Skull and Bones Society), and are the most loving and accepting people I've ever known. And lets just say Gummy rolls the most beautiful "cigarettes" I've ever seen.
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26-30, F
May 7, 2012