My Grandsons

I love Luke . He is awesome. He is five years old and has a serious nature.

He loves to go to great grandmas (my mom) house and play in her huge back yard.

Luke is usually picky with his food. Not at nanas' house. He will eat a dry piece of bread!

And little Jacob Daniel. He is three. He loves to be sneaky! In a cute way. And he loves to

dress up. Nearly every day he is Spiderman or batman! And he loves to tell jokes. They

rock! I try to see them as much as I can. I wish that I could see them every day!

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4 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Thanks guys! They are so very loved. By the way Luke is<br />
<br />
Luke Christopher. My son is Daniel Christopher so they <br />
<br />
both got part of his name!

Great kids! Your special love is so important and will give them inner strength.

Luke and Jacob Daniel sound like wonderful boys. They are lucky to have a grandmother who loves them so much!

I just got a grandosn. He is just 2 months. I am lucky that I live with his mom and dad(my son). I have two granddaughters 7 and 4 that I miss so much now that i moved 1000 miles away from the girls. They are all so great...I could just squeeze them. Enjoy them little guys!