I Love Any Greyhounds

I no longer have greyhounds but have had several in the past. I now have collies but reckon I shall return to greyhounds when these finally go.

They are by far the easiest and most rewarding animals to live with.

They are gentle , affectionate, and undemanding.

To see them running free is an awesome experience.

I cant pass one in the street without having a quick cuddle... to which their attitude is "yeah.. whatever!"

cornishchick cornishchick
41-45, F
2 Responses Aug 18, 2007

dont they love to lean into you while you smooth them . know what you mean about owners ex<x>pressions... i was feeling particularly sad one day when i met some kids with a very young pup. i buried my face in its fur and breathed in its beautiful puppy smell. then i thanked them and walked away quickly when i noticed their perplexed faces. cant imagine what they told their parents about the weird woman.

So true, i can't pass them by either. Last week i met one close to where i work, and before i knew it i was tweaking his ears and he was leaning into my legs with his eyes shut enjoying every moment, it was the look on the owners face that made me wake up to what i was doing. Oh well.