My Baby Cocanee :)

When I first met "Coco" I didnt think that she was ever going to be anything special. She was my friends little sisters guinea pig. I held it, it sniffed around and squeaked, I put her back and promptly forgot the whole thing. Within a week, Coco had to be given away to live with their aunt because their other guinea pig was a male. About 2 years later, They had to get rid of the poor thing as well. I was in sixth grade at the time, and BEGGED my mother untill she gave in. Im in tenth grade now, and "Cocanee" is still in her permanent home with me. I love her too death. She would have died within the next year If I hadnt taken her (she was in bad shape when we got her) And Im grateful to have the little thing in my life :)

--Courtney (I luvz the guinea peegs.)

RegretXxX RegretXxX
13-15, F
Feb 25, 2009