The Anatomy Of A Fetish Girl....

Ever notice how quiet people get when they get their necks buzzed at the end of a haircut? This is always my favorite part of watching a haircut in the salon. No matter what I am doing, when I am in the salon and hear that buzzing sound, I immediately look up and look for the recipient. They can always be found in the chair, head bent forward with a blank stare on their face, as their neck is cleaned and their hairline neatened. I never much see them talk during this phase, they seemed silenced by the sound and the sensation. I assume that most people find the sensation of vibration against their skin to be quite pleasant, even if they do not admit it, and they relax into the sensation. If it's a female receiving this treatment it is even sexier, as most often than not most women are never daring enough to go for a short haircut that bares their neck, so when it's witnessed it is kind of a treat. I myself have sported a pixie cut for years, and on occasion have been treated to the clipper myself. For some reason, as it kicks on, I feel as though I should be in private, almost as if a mild sex act is being performed in public. Perhaps it's because it's similar to the sound of a vibrating *****, or perhaps it's because of the reaction I know I will have to the sound and the sensation. I generally bend my head forward and look down, concentrating on the cape in front of me until the act is over, embarrassed, as if someone could possibly know how I'm feeling. Last time I had clippers used on me my husband was seated behind me, and I discovered accidentally that this was quite a turn on for me. Being a voyeur or being the recipient of a little voyeurism from my man is a hot thing.....the things you discover by accident.

Ever since I was a child I had this odd reaction to the sound of neck clippers. I would sit in a chair at the salon waiting for my brother or my mom and find myself getting uncomfortably interested in the sound of the clippers...and always by that quiet contemplation of the client in the chair. "Did it feel good?" I often wondered. Anytime I entered a salon I would feel this kind of reaction and find the caping of salon clients
oddly erotic too. I could never understand this, but over time I learned that while I would not speak of it, I could enjoy the sound and the visual in my mind. One time as I was older I saw a mother bringing in a girl of about ten with long straight brown hair. She sat in the chair reluctantly and was caped by the stylist, and said "will I have enough left to pull up?" The stylist half nodded and looked towards the mother who motioned she wanted the length cut off, and unbeknownst to the little girl, the stylist cut off her waist length hair and it fell to the floor in a loud, wet thud. Having had a haircut I myself was sort of forced into as a child, of course I had a reaction to this.....much to my private mortification. Enjoying watching men and women get haircuts was one thing, but this feeling of excitement over this particular situation was not a comfortable thing for me. I tried looking away as much as possible, but couldn't. I finally realized it was not the girl in front of me that was the turn on, but the helpless, humiliating memory the situation had invoked in me about my own helpless experience. That realization was a bit of a relief to me. That being the only haircut I did not not enjoy myself reacting to, I have many a time just learned to go with my curiosity about certain men or women getting their hair cut short. One time while passing a barber shop, (something that always drew my attention as I would walk by,) a really interesting sight caught my attention. A woman was seated in an old fashioned barber chair, pumped up high to the barber's level, with a huge cape covering everything but her shoes, and her head was bent forward at an exaggerated level while the barber ran a bare clipper up the back of her neck, fading it up over a comb. She had short hair that was full on top, (resembling a mushroom cut,) but her neck was very short and being buzzed and fussed with by the barber for a good space of time. I couldn't look away. A woman in a barber chair back then was not as common a site, and I wondered why she would go there and have an old man with clippers give her a haircut while seated in all the other chairs was nothing but men. Odd or not, I found this very erotic.....she was thought about quite often after that in my head during "private" moments of "self" pleasure. Feeling like I was quite the freak I vowed never to let this fetish ever be known, because even I thought I was tapped. Seeing so many of "us" on here my new motto is "if it feels good and doesn't hurt anyone, do it!" The way I figure it is this, while so many women go throughout their day not once being sexually aroused and having to be coaxed, petted and drawn in to sexual activity with their man, I am lucky to have myself a few fetishes that bring me pleasure throughout my day, leaving me ready for action pretty much any time of the day. You could look at it as a curse....or see it as a blessing. With all the desire it creates, I think my husband would agree that it's a blessing.
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Nape maintenance is something I always but always judge a woman's grooming on. It is at the back the woman can't see it herself and it can get very untidy with a dull fuzz growing all over the neck. I think this is awful to see.

A good stylist will always try and define a clean neat line or lines along the nape but of course this assumes that the person in the chair will return for a trim regularly and have the nape shaved smooth and clean again. I go regularly not just to have a trim in length but also to have the thickness reduced and thinned out and of course to ensure that the nape is shaved clean.

Of course I look every time I hear the clippers to see who is getting done and how much is coming off and how high the nape will go. Haircuts and body hair removal draw my attention as I am fastidious about these grooming habits myself.

I am like that too. I take care if mine all the time, and I groom my husbands neck in between haircuts. It drives me nuts when I see guys with monkey necks.

Sounds like you would enjoy taking a seat in a barbers chair yourself...hubby should be there, he may get a nice surprise when you get to the car....

Salon only, thanks. I still enjoy looking like a girl, but he can come with of course. It's only others I enjoy watching in there, not myself. :)

For whatever reason I have always had a major attraction to hairdressers as well there always so hip and sexy maybe its my senses telling me I need to find one to play with there not fooling anyone!!!