Thank You For Making Me Who I Am

I would love to thank all of my haters, all of the people out there who made me who I am. All of the people who pointed out my flaws and made me realize that I could do better. All of the people who made fun of my looks, my clothes, my personality, my thoughts, my opinions, and my personal views. You only make me take better care of myself, make me more of me than I was before you pointed out what you saw as what was so wrong.

Thank you to you all because all you've done was made me stronger. All of you who made me fight for what's right, all of you who made me stand up for myself, all of you who pushed me (both mentally and physically), all of you who made me defend myself, all of you who tortured me in my soul.

All of you who turned that tortured soul into a soul that looks forward to the brightness of a new day, a soul that finds only the best in everything and everyone, a soul that forgives you, a soul that loves you for all that you wanted from someone else, a soul that is willing to embrace you, a soul that understands your pain and is willing to get to know you better.

I wish no harm to you, to your family, to your friends, to those you care about. I will never hate you because you don't deserve it. You don't deserve to feel what I felt as I went home day in and day out. You don't deserve to go around and picking at other people out of spite. You deserve better - you should ask for something better from yourself and those around you.

I don't wish to beat you up for no reason, throw rocks at your back for standing up for who you are; I don't wish to harm you or your loved ones like you've done mine. You don't deserve so much negative energy coming your way to where you can't succeed or be who you really are or who you wish to be. You deserve to be supported, encouraged, and empowered for all that you do right. You deserve more positive things to come their way and see themselves in a more positive light than you have in your past; it's time to grow up and stand for a more sophisticated cause which can benefit us all in the long run.

~*~Love, Dimples AKA Faith S. *~*

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Love it!

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If I could choose theme music for this story it would be "I want to thank you for letting me be myself again". Great story keep growing and knowing who and what you are.

Shaylon, a lot of my haters would like to harm me, have harmed me, or do worse to me; so I'm just saying I don't wish that on them, their family, or friends (like I mentioned in one of my comments, one of my childhood enemies whole family died in a house fire), they don't deserve to feel the pain I've felt as I was beat up and as they threw rocks at my back. I won't hate them because they don't deserve it means that much negative energy heading towards one person can't be good for them. I'm saying they deserve better because they deserve more positive things to come their way and see themselves in a more positive light than they have in the past. I think I'll add more to this story so people won't get confused.

I am not clear on what you mean in that last paragraph. The first part made perfect sense and I thought perhaps there was a thought missing that I missed.

Thanks, Luvbirdz, I can feel it already.

LOL, thanks for sharing Sunny.

So now I can see why you're a life coach....thx 4 sharing this!

:) -hugs-

It's been a long road getting to where I am but I'm willing to put it all aside. I had some childhood enemies lose all their family (with one survivor) in a tragic fire and it hurt my soul and made my soul ache with agony. I felt extremely sorry for them. I couldn't imagine having that happen to me and I'd never allow that to happen to someone else because of my pent-up anger.