I Love My Home Town

I grew up, and still live in, a lowish density city of about 200,000 people. I live in the suburbs, right on the fringe of the city. My area has lots of forest and green space, fields, parks, hills, pathways, creeks, and rivers. A lot of other residential area's I've seen have oddly artificial looking forest; the tree's here on the other hand are immense and...old looking. They've left behind lots of landmarks that, for some reason, I'm very fond of, like old gnarled tree's standing alone in a clearing, or giants uprooted in storms that left large gashes in the ground and tore through other tree's on their way down. 

Small, tree-ringed plaza's are within walking distance for pretty much everyone. If I head West, I end up in a proper urban downtown area, and the country is just a bit past my backyard. I wouldn't really want to live in Toronto, or in a cabin in the wilderness, and my city is a nice compromise. It's all very convenient. 

I think I usually carry myself in a way that's kind of stoic seeming, but I'm really oddly sentimental about a lot of things, like my home town. I love the land itself, I love the buildings, I love the people I grew up with, all the memories. 

I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in reading this. It's purely me rambling. But I felt compelled to write it, and it was fun.

Now, to be honest, tree ringed plaza's and quiet suburbs aren't THAT extraordinary. There's probably tons of places that are actually way nicer then my home. But I still prefer it over any place else? Why? I'm not sure. Something to do with human psychology, or biology maybe. Maybe it's illogical to arbitrarily favour a place because you've lived there for a while, but almost all of the best emotions we experience are illogical. There's no objective reason a waterfall should inspire awe, or random people should invoke love. But whatever, they're awesome.
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Jan 13, 2013