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My first vehicle was a used '92 Accord that I bought 6 years ago... and I still have her! Currently, she has 302,000 miles accumulated on the original engine (100,000 of which I've driven). I am finishing up my BA in Automotive Technology being one of 4 females in the program. My Honda doesn't give me many urgent problems- just small fixes for the most part. I can say I have done 85% of all my repairs since I have had my Accord and I learn something new every time I fix the problem. Even though she is an older car, the technology used in these little imports were before their time. Even now, Acuras' and Hondas' electrical systems are nearly impossible to fool. Being in some of my automotive courses we have to "fool" the car into thinking the electrical values (differences in resistance or voltage) we "bug" into the car are real, but the car can figure out what you're up to and adapt before you can even realize there was a problem in the first place. My Accord has definitely made me appreciate the quality in these vehicles. I will fix and repair her until she's driven into the ground for good. There are 238,857 miles from the Earth to the Moon... and she is currently on her mission back from the moon (bringing a grand total of 477,714 miles round trip). Only about 175,000 miles to go until she is home safe. Thank you for reading! :)
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I had one of those for my first car, a '91(meaning that mine came with the lovely motorized seatbelts instead of airbags) coupe, manual transmission, but it had power windows and such (mostly non-working) gadgets. <br />
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By the time I got the car, it had driven a hard road to 225K miles, it had some light collision damage, cruise control and power mirrors didn't work, no radio, power steering pump was gone, non-working AC, and the trunk leaked and so was useless for anything you wanted to stay clean/dry. But, it ran and drove, more or less reliably (Little things liked to break, but it never stranded me, even if it sometimes ran like crap.). It had a slowly leaking head gasket, but it wasn't leaking into the oil, so I just ignored it and added coolant once in awhile (burned more antifreeze than oil). I put in a radio, and fixed the AC, so it was a more or less serviceable automobile that got good gas mileage (28-32MPG) no matter how hard I drove it, and it was beige so cops ignored it. I learned most everything I know about working on cars from it, and it gave me 30K miles of faithful service. My dad still owns it, got another car from my mom (and, frankly, miss the old one). That car had a surprisingly comfortable set of seats, and lots of space too, I might add.<br />
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It's pretty easy to work on, only gripe being that I have large hands (and it has small spaces).

wow i myself used to have a honda accord and must say it is one of the best cars i owned besides normal maintenance i never really did much in repairs except for tires, they are known to be very long lasting cars ......sounds nice that you are able to do your own repairs , saves quite a bit of money today especially with all the computers and now the electric cars(hybrids) as i myself am looking into getting a prius! you really do alot of traveling!