Steamy Bliss

Ever since a child i have had a love for extremely hot showers.  One cold and uneventful day back when about 7 years of age i started turning the screw up on the heat in the shower. Finding the hotter the shower got the nicer it felt. Quickly i learnt  (through passing out a couple of times) about the different sensations and at what sort of heat they occur at.    What has always been my favorite stage is the point just before burning occurs.. Not much can beat that tingle which travels through your whole body and can even make you even shiver at times.  Even drugs don't compare to this sensation for me.  This will never become a sexual thing for it does not give me sexual thoughts or feelings. It has always just been personal sensation fetish. And also a health thing due to me having something in my head saying that the hotter the shower the more germs that will get killed.  Anyways. I love my steamy bliss and need it at least once a week to feel happy. Am keen to hear of other peoples experiences in relation to this.

marcoise marcoise
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2010

I love hot showers too, they`re so relaxing but the problem is that they make me dizzy and I don`t want to die while showring

I bet you drove him crazy with bills.. hehe.. I have heard and seen things about hot water stripping the natural oils from your skin. However i think it depends on the individual persons skin and health . I'm my case i find the skin which has been exposed to the sun is damaged ( drying out ) and the main areas which see hot water (torso) are perfect .. no freckles . nothing .. So i will continue what im doing.. And seems ive never been sick there isn't a reason to stop . Thank you for your experience :)

They say it's bad for skin... But I don't care, probably I will look like 80' in my 80'and it's ok!<br />
I do love hot shower and I do this more then on time a day, I drove my husband crazy (bills)...