Becoming a Hot Wife

I'm not really sure how to start this. I'm 35 years old hispanic married woman. Married to the same man for 15 years and the only man in my life. But, before I go into the details let tell you something that happened about 10 years ago. My husband and I were in Las Vegas for the first time. One night we went out to dinner a very nice restaurant. I had dressed very sexy in a short dress which my husband likes to see me like this. Since I'm 5' 7" and at 125 lbs I have been told I have a killer body, men do notice. Anyway after dinner we were driving around the ***** just looking. We happened to go by an adult book and my husband tells me want to stop and take a look. I said no way I'm not going in there. I was a kind of naive at the time.  But, not that naive to know the type of people that go there and some of the things that go on there.  He tells me it's ok, no one knows us in vegas anyway. Then I said a flat no. Well he never brought it up again, even that we go there once a year now. In the back of my mind I was thinking what was he thinking wanting me to go into one of those places and the way I was dressed. People were going to think I was a hooker or something.  You have to understand that I was brought up in a strict catholic enviroment. Well, about two months ago we had a party we had a lot of friends over and something took place that I still think about. We have friends that we known for a long time and we hang around with which all are married couples. Anyway, we were setting around talking and drinking wine. We opened the last bottle and I said well I'll be right back I'll go get a case. My best friends husband said I 'll go help you since it was in a store room in the garage. We were going back laughing small talk like lots of times. We went in and as usual had to move my husband junk out of the way to get it. I started to pick up something and he said wait it looks heavy came from behind to take it. As some as his body touched mine I trembled and he picked up on it. I had caught him looking at me more times that I could count. As soon as I turned around he pinned me to the wall and kissed me. It caught me by complete suprise. I tired to push back but, I found my self returning the kiss. I totally lost it I could not stop his advances. He was running his hand up my dress which no other man had ever done. I had lost all inhibiton my head was spinning he was now having to hold me up. He picked me up and at the same lifting my skirt up to my waist and sat me down on a freezer we had in there. With my legs spread apart I did say it's wrong we are both married and you are my best friends husband. What he said floored me, it's ok we have an open marriage. I had no idea and I had known them for a lot of years. As he was starting to pull my panties down I came to my since or we both did because I heard my husband and some other people coming out. As we walked out my husband said hey there you are. He just smiled at me and went on. Till now I'm not sure if he noticed anything he has said nothing. I know better because he knows me. Now I'm having all kinds of thoughts about what happened. Just the idea of having another man inside what would it be like. Then I came across this sight and and started reading about hot wife's. I remember the time my husband wanted me to into an adult book store. I do not want to do anything behind his back. We are happily married and I loving him and now I have these feelings. I'm now to the point that I'm open to anything.   

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So long ago.....and wonder like many others, what has happened since then?

Have fun!!!!

Dont push your luck... It maynot be that he wants you to be having sex with someone else... Usually it isn't so...

its been a long time since you posted this...hows it going?

Ask him if he remembers the time he wanted you to go in the bookstore dressed sexy. Ask him what he would have wanted you to do that day if you had gone. From there you could get into future plans, eh?

always be honest, more couples have been torn apart from the lies only to find that they both had the same wants. love to hear more from you 2 and find out how it turned out.

its just another xxxx might be biger or smaller, but your think it is the most wonderfull thing in the world that has just happend to you<br />
the risk and the adultry all adds to the excitment,<br />
my wife had many lovers, i have lots of fond memories

Hope you tell him.

Hope you tell him.

For me, there's nothing sexier in this world than a beautiful woman who can be a loving wife and mother while also being able to share some rather slutty fantasies with her husband in the bedroom. As it turned out, my wife and I shared a fantasy of her with another man. We didn't make it a reality for many years mainly due to my wife worrying that I'd also want another woman. It's now been a year since she first had sex with another man and we couldn't be happier! This sort of thing isn't for everyone as the emotions can get rather intense at times. However, after 15 yrs of marriage, I can honestly say that I'm as hot for my wife now as when we first married. I wish you luck and recommend that you start by sharing some mild fantasies to test the waters.

You might start out by communication! Say,,, one night in bed, when he's feeling a bit frisky, ask about his fantasies. Get him to open up. I'm sure he'll return the demand and ask of yours! You might want to modify yours based upon his! Ie. You really want to feel another man inside of you might change to you'd like to experience of two men giving you their attentions! Let us know how it proceeds! Bill in Va. <br />
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