we were driving somewhere this afternoon and that song it wont be like this for long came on. Jake hears the first verse and says theres us in 5 months lol.
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How are you married if you're only 13-15?

where I live u can marry as young as 15 if ure pregnant


lol we didn't marry just because the baby we been together since I was 13 and loved each other long before that.


still finishing high school and going to college everything we were doing before just with baby in tow. our parents did it. we used birth control its just not 100 guarantee


How old is the dad I'm curious about

16 hes 13 months older than me

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what song

its called this wont last for long the first verse goes:

He didn't have to wake up.
Hed been up all night listening to the sound
of his newborn baby cry.
he makes a pot of coffee splashes water on his face
his wife comes up behind him
says its gonna b ok.

in the chourus it says. oe day were gonna look back laughing at the week we brought her home.

Lol XD