Love My Husband But His Mother

I love my husband but his mother i cant stand

i wont say hate yet it hasnt gotten there yet. i think moving in to help the old bat

was and is the worst thing we could have doen to help her out i cant wait to get our house


we have moved into and bought our house jan,16,09

what a diffrents time makes I go see my mother in law

when i have to thats it. shes done alot to me and my husband and my daughter
my mother in law will never admit she was wrong and will never ask me to forgive her
i do forgive her the pain is lessed but its still in the passed but i will nver forget
how hateful she was when she asked us to help her out with so much money she used us.
but our relationship is distanced but its kind i dont say a bad word to her  i treat her
with respect even when she dont disrive it . but she will never say shes sorry she dont have
it in her to say it so it is what it is . and iam going on with my life and her son.

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4 Responses Aug 7, 2008

Now 2011 have my own house she picked it out . but i still dont like her <br />
she wont ever say shes sorry for how mean and hateful she is . i am nice to her and i tollarate her<br />
but i still dont trust her shes broken my trust in so many ways .but i loe my house we bough in 2008<br />
at least we have a town in between us. i dont like the way she uses her son and us

I've been told by more than 1 person that my husband's mother was the best woman that ever walked the face of the earth. Well, I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel about that. Geese! Sounds like I aint got much of a chance of ever living up to her. Wow. So I might as well forget it.

My MIL Is the most evil selfish B***Ch out there. She does not care that her actions cause so much tension in her son's marriage. She keeps forcing herself in and he lets her. I despise her more than anyone in this world. And my hsuband does not know any better since this is all she has ever taught him. THat it is ok for a mother to mistreat her son and to talk badly about him and his wife in public. She wants to run his life and my husband can not speak up for himself if his life depended on it. I can understand your frustration and pain. She is the ONLY problem in our marriage but enough to bring us to divorce otherwise we have ABSOLUTELY NO problems at all, and I a mean none at all, but she is so powerful enought to bring it all to an end. I am beside meself and don't knwo how much longer I can put up with all this. I am tiried of fighting constantly with my husband over her, it is kiling me our life our love and our marriage. And sadly there is nothing I can do but let it all die and crumble to dust.

My mother-in-lie is this most evil women on the planet! I am deserted by my love for her money and rules interfering with my life. I never hated anyone til rose the dancing blind sociopath and her son ripped me off and on to the next mark. They MUST pay for the abuse destruction and extortion but I am broke and alone and he and mother-in-lie are rich. they are drilling me . I need justice. no mother or man should condone beating and robbing and lying as character. my Mother-in-lie is a freak. I hate her and that is bad. Husband cowars behind the lying ugly bat and she glows like he is her husband. her real husband is just the door man and gardener. She is a bulldyke liar from hell. I cant get near my love with this ill bat in the way shoving her fat wallet in his face. This is sick. She told him divorce me he is. AND THE BAT IS PAYING FOR IT. i DONT WANT A DIVORCE i WANT HER OUT and HIM AWAKE FOR CHRIST'S SAKE. JUST TELLING THIS , MY HUSBAND IS A SOCIOPAth just like mommy. I need a slick lawyer to bury these two con artists/ He a failed lawyer and her a pay per view matchbook nurse selling iilegal drugs $1000.00 a shot from her kitchen they are peers of mine ??? They are dog dirt. roho the bat lair from hell ... Now I hate and that is a horrible thing to get from a husband and a new mother. The lies , this is a con artist team not a newly weds loving family .. May god help me and sort out the barquist/pittman sin PLEASE> No one has it worse , be blessed to know that. I have got to live a life my heart longs for honesty, loyalty and adoration from a man not a bulldykes mistakes and her wallet full of money. What is with these bent woman raising America's boys? They are everywhere. and moms let them run all over thier wives. They should lock up these bats and throw away the keys. BLIND ENABLERS WITH NO HONOR IS WORSE THAN PHYISICAL ABUSE. MIND GAMES AND LIARS FOR MOTHERS COME ON WORLD?:?