My Husband Is Too Trusting Of Others And Ignores My Advice

Well, I need some dental work, and so does he.  My car needs work.  We are in the throes of renovataing the house.  My husband ask me if I thought a certain business venture was a good idea, betwee a rather shakey freind and himself.  The money for this venture would come out of a windfall that he inherited from a relative.  Not my money at all.  I said, 'Well, this is not a good idea in my opion, but Ryan 'made up his mind, and counted to 3'.  And he kissed $4,300 dollars goodbye.  And this is NOT the first time he has done something like this.  Several years ago I owned a truck, which was parked in the street outside the house, and it was plowed into and the driver of the car that hit it fled the scene.  Finally and at last I got a check from the insurance company, one which I had to argue for BTW.  Ryan had a boss, who convinced him to go in on a business proposition.  Ryan didn't ask me...even though it wasn't his money, he lent it to this man, and never got it back.  It almost ended our marriage.  We had NO vehicle and no money to replace it because he loaned out the insurance money to a man who had cash problems in his business.  Now let me say, we are not dewy little children, we are hard working eople in our 50's.
TWhy does he even talk about our money with outsiders.  And me, why doesn't he listen to me and trust ME?  I am behind him, broke or flush, 24/7. I work hard, I garden, I cook every night, I wash clothes, I give great massages, I walk and wash the dogs. I put up with thin times, I don't smoke, drug or drink.  Why can't he just trust me?
I believe I want some revenge. 
zilphia zilphia
Jul 20, 2010