...after All These Years....

After all of these years we love each other in a different way, a deeper way.

Please don't misunderstand, I am not looking to end our marriage or separate. We have good times,

good sex, future plans and I took a vow which I meant. However it seems that after knowing each other for

almost 26 years that we have become best friends. After all of the ups and downs that a marriage goes through,

the trials and tribulations of children, the worries of serious illness and the joy of complete recovery, we have

become partners in a different sense. We are happy, but we are changed by what life has thrown our way.

Maybe some would say we are now soulmates......I don't know, but I do know that God willing we will grow old together.

SuzieA SuzieA
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Suzie, I changed my answer above to add a little to it. It would be nice to know how manny EPers out there feel as we do. I hope some more comment here.

Suz, that is also true for my wife and I. It doesn't mean everything is perfect. But it is good to be around her.We have been married almost 37 years and they were all worth it.

Singer that is true of every person I think man or woman......x

You got that one SuzieA.....<br />
<br />
besides......A man is muck like a book......you never know what is on the inside....The dust cover may look nice......but when you open up the cover....you do not know what you are going to get....Unless you know the writer that is.......At this time of my life...I think that I will stick with the writer that I know

It is great to know that others feel this way. I see many similarities between our relationships/marriages and it's comforting to know i am not alone. To depressed I will say, three children takes its toll on any marriage, i too have 3. I believe it takes work but with time you will rekindle the romance. I think that depression is something to be taken seriously and maybe you need to seek help for this first....and then who knows!<br />
We decided that sometimes we need to take time for us, as the kids get older it has become more and more often. When they were small we had date night at home and cooked together, enjoying a bottle of wine. Be patient and give yourself time.<br />
Singer, you sound as if you are in the same place as me! i too cannot imagine life without each other .........better the devil you know right? LOL

I know what you are saying..For I feel the same way about my husband...We have been through a great deal...And I know that he would not find another woman that would be willing to do the things that we have done.....Or to be willing to work while he goes to school almost 7 years....<br />
<br />
I know that we will grow old together.....In fact that has been a running joke between us for 30 years,,,,That we can not ever get a divorce...For neither of us would find another person that would be willing to put up with us......But really for me it is that he is my other half...Some days the better half of us....and other days the worse half......But then is that not the way of every marriage.....

i feel somewhat the same way. me and my husband have 3 children together and though we are young we have been through many ups and downs. i love my husband very much buut its more of a best friend love. i can not picture my life without him in it but at the same time i am extreamly depressed! there is no passion between us at all anymore, there is no love making. i don't even want him to touch me that way. i feel like such a bad person because i feel like he should have someone that loves him the way he deserves! he is an great husband and father. things were never boring in the bedroom, i really have no idea why this has happened to me, i feel so numb!!! knowing that you are compleatly happy though you are not inlove with your husband gives me some hope for my marrige. i really do not want to leave him (though i feel i am cutting us both short) what do you think i should do to be more happy with what life has givin me?