It Makes Me Sad Every Day

He's cheated before. He will cheat again. And yet I love him and am not ready to leave. It just feels like a matter of time. I don't know why I am waiting. I know he loves me. And I am madly in love with him still--after four years. He is so good to me in every other way. But for some reason, never allows me to feel secure with 'us'. The is never any talk about a future, and I don't know how to bring it up. He goes out without me sometimes--to flirt with women. Yet always wants to be with me in the what do I do?
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Very sorry to hear your story. I finall left my ex a long time ago-when he cheated again, with yet another unnattractive desperate woman.. Though I am lonely sometimes, and still often sad about the way things ended, I am very glad I did. For my own self preservation, and self-esteem and dignity.. (I also feel like it was the best way to hurt him as well). We are not friends and never will be. I have started a new business, and a new life. Haven't met anyone new yet--but I will. I do know that he's done the same to a few other women since me. And I just hope they don't waste much time trying to make him love them and be faithful to them.. Some men just can't and wont be. So screw it. Cut your losses. And go!<br />
Work on your self-esteem. Get away from him. Don't let him hurt you any more or waste any more of your time. Cheating is a pretty lowly thing to do, and to do it again and again is just the lowest. You deserve better. Sometimes we just have to leave the one we love--whether we want to or not. End of crappy fairy-tale.

My husband. And I have been together for twenty four years. I found him cheating in 2003. I moved out of state. After a year we got counseling and decided to get back together. He worked out of state and I work in the state that we live in. Two months ago I discover that he is cheating with a co-worker. I was devastated. I asked him for a divorce he was upset. He claimed that he loves me and our daughter, and it was a sex thing that he is not emotionally in love with her.<br />
Need some help

you run!!!! quit worrying about a broken heart it will heal, some diseases and STD'S don't!!!!!!!!