I had a dream about my husband, I went to meet him at his work place and when I saw him he had a hickey marks all over his skin.  I have no idea what that means but I am afraid of losing him.  Well is hanging out with one of his friend who works with him and a few days now this friend of his is lighting his cig. My husband is carrying him home which he never did and never like doing. I am worryed. Any advice on what I can do and what that dream means.
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2 Responses Apr 26, 2007

diffrentiate your dreams from reality, don't get too caught up with your dream as it might affect your reality, if you're insecure or have doubts talk to your husband before it gets the most of you.

The dream means you feel insecurity about something. It may not even be your husband, although it's clear you do feel insecure about him.<br />
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Dreams are never *about* the people in them. For example, a dream about your husband having hickies isn't a sign that your husband is cheating. It's about *your* state of mind and *your* psyche. So be careful in reading too much into dreams.<br />
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I agree with Birdie--think about why you might feel insecure. Determine whether the reasons are reality-based or mentality-based (reflective of something he's actually doing, or reflective of your own insecurities). Talk to him, tell him your fears, don't accuse without incontrovertible evidence, and see if he reassures you.