I Am Madly In Love With Him. But We Are Strugeling To Stay Together..

After 11yrs of bieng with my husband I discovered he was cheating on me. After that my marriage just went into the worst roller coaster ride ever. Now its been 15yrs and we are still strugeling to be together..... The trust between us has gone down the drain .... But we love each other, and we have been trying to make this work. But we can't. We argue a lot, and we are both very recentful with one another. I forgave him. But it seems he has not. But he tells me he don't want to be without me. We did seperate for 3 yrs, and i tried to move on as he has too, but we always end up looking for each other again. I miss him so much....
So after so much hurt, lies, broken hearts.. How can i be happy with him again? We have 2 wonderful boys. And i dont want to ruin there image of a good marriage. But even they are confused about mom&dad.
How do i trust him again? How do i make him see, that i would do anything to repair our broken hearts? How do i fix my briken heart?
I am madly in love with my husband, but is it worth fixing? Is it posible to fix?
Please help....
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1 Response Sep 22, 2012

If the cheating has stopped you need to leave it in the past, and work on your marriage. There is a time to grieve, and have your questions answered, but if you stay there too long you will destroy whatever chance you have in staying together. You have a family that is worth saving, but only God can do that for you now. Put your trust in Him. Forgive your husband and ask for forgiveness for anything that you may have done to hurt him as well. You married for better or worse. I have been in your shoes, my story is not finished yet. I'm trusting God that he will have his will in my life no matter what the outcome. Get out of that dark place. No one can stay there and survive.