Going Crazy Looking For Clues

Sometimes I feel like a crazy person the way I have to go thru things. My husband often lies to me about everything and anything. Seemingly for no reason?
He has come home extremely late. He has made plans with friends but not told me about them. Said he is stuck in traffic when he is really at the bar. It makes me constantly question why he is lying and wonder if there are other things that I am missing. Big things like affairs, girlfriends. Who knows!!! In general I don't think he seems the type but really if you think about it..... No one ever gets married with the expectation of their husband having an affair. I think that one usually takes you by surprise. So now I have been going crazy looking they the computer history, his email, his phone an admittedly using a tracking app. He installed the app incase his phone is ever stolen. But I have been using it to figure out where he really is. I do not like going thru all his stuff. In general I would feel a lot better if I didn't feel like I had to. I just can't trust what he is saying. I've tried telling him this but I don't think he really takes it seriously. He hasn't really done anything to make me trust him. I wouldn't care where he was ( to an extent) if he was just honest about it.
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Trust me on this one... You are not alone! My husband does the same thing and I can't stand it but I love him with all that I am and I am the one person who is never going to judge him or turn my back in him yet i feel like I'm the one person he always lies to. Big stuff small stuff I swear he does it just to do it. I always snoop now too cuz I feel like if I didn't always find faulty texts or catch him lying to me I wouldn't want to look! how hard is it to just be honest right?! I even found a text from my hubby telling this girl to come over and he said don't trip she's at work and then he told her that she better come back so he can have his way with her and you wanna know what he tried to say? That he doesn't remember and so he must have sent her that text in his sleep... It's almost insulting that he thinks im dumb enough to believe that. But we can talk crap all day but at the end when you love someone you love em and just gotta hope they figure it out before we finally just decide its time to walk away. But it's always gonna be easier said than done. Sorry for the novel but I know what it's like so if u ever need someone to vent to don't hesitate to msg me sometimes it's nice to know your not the only one :o)

I can relate - only too well. I don't understand why they go to such great lengths to deceive us. Why not just leave so they can have their freedom?