I Love My Husband But I Have Trust Issues

ok so we have been married for 2 yrs and when we go out and he sees a hot girl he makes it known either by telling me or making a noise. this drives me crazy i know men look but he doesnt half to make me feel invisible. we have 2 boys together and he is a great dad. i just worry that he may cheat on me oneday even tho he never has, am i just insecure? ive had horrible heartache in past relationships, so how do i make myself secure with my husband?
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

tell him it bothers you. explain that you want him to only be attracted to you and that you arent stupid he is not dead to he will see someone attractive when you all are out but it is a bit much he feels you need to know about it. ask if he would mind if you did that every time you saw a good looking man pass you by and tell him that no matter what you do not like it and want him to stop. men ( and women) cant read your mind so you have to be upfront that way when you get upset the next time he will understand why. stick to your guns be calm when talking with him about it and make it clear that you do not appreciate it and that it is disrespectful to you. good luck