30 Day Goal

I do love my husband. I do.
I just think I have been loving him in a selfish way. Sometimes i demand things from him and complain. I would take out my stress.from work on him. Just losing sight of being gratefully for him.
My husband has a good character, very attractive, sweet, good father, works diligently, loves God, and the list goes on...
He is very forgiving and loving to me.
He deserves to feel appreciated and respected by me.
I want to please my husband and make him feel like a million bucks!
So I'm on a quest to become the dream wife! :)
Why not right? If something is worth doing its worth doing right!
For the next 30 days I'm going to focus all my efforts on him and research how to be the best wife possible. I want him to be impressed with me and see that I'm getting better.
Disclosure: i was depressed at the beginning of the yr. I went on an emotional rollercoaster and couldn't stop, but now for sanity sake i need to get off this ride....i yelled at him, didn't clean much, was angry, he has been treated badly. :( i hate to say it.
But i recognized my mistreatment and know this cant stay the same.
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

I think your self-awareness, insights and determination are impressive. I think he's a lucky guy.

Thanks for the encouragement! Being nice and grateful toward my husband is making. A big difference in my life!

Your idea sounds wonderful but I don't think you should limit it to 30 days.

i agree! its short term goal!
i already feel that my marriage has improved in a major way!! :)

Good luck - keep us posted;)

Thanks, so far so good!