I Am Addicted To My Husband!

i love my husband, so very much. i feel like most of the time i am being clingy or selfish cause i always want to be around him, and im not talking about all up on him i just mean like right next to him or in the same room with him. He just makes everything so much better. when im down he lifts me up. all i have to do is look at him and i always smile..ill be sitting there watchin tv and ill look over and he'll be staring at me smiling. i love that. i love him. i hate being away from him, im so addicted to his presence. he's amazing..if that makes me all mushy oh well. im finally happy. :)
crazygirl013 crazygirl013
18-21, F
1 Response Jun 4, 2012

I know how you feel. I to am addicted to my husband ..can't be apart for long.I get sad. Sick. And anxiety attacks..I love him but don't want him to feel smothered ..so I try not to be so selfish ..he is my best friend- husband -lover-and I his...