I Love My Husband, He Is My Best Friend And Yes He Is Hard Work!

I love my husband (my best friend) because he has a warm personality. He is passionate and expressive, and he truly cares for my heart. He adores who I am, he makes every effort to tell me and show me how much he loves me. He makes me a better person in the fact that I want to please and serve him. I feel safe with him, I feel peace in his arms, and I know that God

Marriage is great but it's hard WORK...however, it's so much easier when you are in love with your best friend and together you learn great communication.

I know there are things about me that get on my husbands nerves and YES YES YES there are things about him that make me want to quote the movie War of the Roses. . . lately I just want to smash your face in, lol! Thank God we can both laugh at the fact that we are far from perfect!

Focusing on the doom and gloom in your relationship can easily deflate any elation you may feel toward that person. Only my husband can tell you about the demons I have, but some of his are Mr I forgot, Mr. I don't remember, Mr. I will do it later, Mr. laid back, Mr. take it easy, Mr. why are you so upset. . .I could go on!

What makes our demons tolerable? We have discussed them in detail. We have found out where they came from. We have discussed why they bother the other and what are some alternatives or easy fixes for them. Do we always have a solution? NO. . .but we have to remember the most important thing is putting our spouses needs before ours. As hard as it is, when you begin to think about the other person and how they think and feel, it fosters change in us, because we begin to respond to that persons needs instead of our own selfish desires.

So my husband and I laugh and joke and even pick fun at each other for our human downfalls. We cannot forget that it is a work in progress and also accept that if it never changes we still love each other, yet hold onto the hope that one day after the thousand conversation the light bulb will go off!

breath2write breath2write
41-45, F
Sep 18, 2012