All My Life

Some girls search and wish all their lives that they can find that 1 guy that completes them. The 1 guy that will hold them when they are hurt. The 1 that will wipe away their tears.  The 1 guy that will call her beautiful even on the days she doesn't feel that way..

I am glad that I am no longer that girl.. I found that guy.. He is everything I have ever wanted and more.. 

The way when he looks in my eyes I see my future.. The way he kisses me and makes me go so weak...  (( OMG I AM CRYING LIKE A BABY WRITING THIS ))

The pain of missing him hurts like hell.. When I lay down to sleep at night and I dream of him for that instant all the tears and hurt vanish.. We not be together right now in reality, but we are ALWAYS together when I dream !! 

I love you baby PLEASE COME HOME SOON !!


DogTagKindaGirl DogTagKindaGirl
22-25, F
Jun 23, 2009