Details Of Being Shared

My husband (R) and I have made a very important part of our life the regular MFM *********, we have a current lover who visits us every two is already a kind of ritual, he announces his visit and we prepare ourselves trying to plan all the details of his visit. I normally get a nice tan at the solar bed, shave my legs, and *****, chose together with my husband the garments I would use, he teases me to dress very provocative but not vulgar, we plan the dinner, shortly we are accomplices in lust.
This time, when L (our lover friend) phoned us to pick him at the airport, I stayed home to wait for them, I was wearing a black kimono with no underwear, the silky dress held at my waist by a lace, exposed my bare breasts and legs at the slightest movement....and at my wish I could flash my nude groin.....I was barefoot.......I felt very sensuous. When L and my husband arrived I was half sitting half lying on the couch, L didn´t let me stand, leaning on me kissed my mouth very passionately and I responded in the same way, he get back to have a better look of me and told me how lovely and beautiful I was, I responded that I wanted to be that way all for him, my husband left us alone with the pretext of preparing the aperitif, L sat by me in the couch, I cuddled myself on his chest, kissing him and caressing his inner leg with one hand while the other hugged his neck, I had one leg crossed over his so it was easy for him to caress my warm bare body verifying my total nudity under the kimono, hubby took his time to let us enjoy our new encounter, L whispered at my ear that he was prepared to give me plenty of ******* and that he wanted to have me the night long, I responded him that my aim was to give him all the pleasure he wanted and for that I was at his total disposal, he had already his fingers inside me, feeling my wetness and my hotness, I was caressing his by now hard and huge **** over his trousers, he was kissing my nipples that were showing my horniness by how erected they were, at that moment I realized that my husband was contemplating us in ecstasy.
We had our drinks sitting all three in the same divan me in the middle of both my lovers exchanging caresses and casual talk, part of the ritual was to extend the pleasure of that foreplay to last up after dinner, during dinner every time that L or my husband served the wine, they passed by me caressing my breasts or kissing me, the talk from casual turned intimate, L telling me and my husband how horny he was right now and how much he desired me since our last encounter, my husband said that we were expecting him to try new ways for pleasure to overwhelm us, L asked me what I would like to start with, and I heard myself telling him that I would love him to surprise me, and that I was ready for both of them, part of the ritual was an implicit agreement between my husband and I that L had the privilege to take the initiative, L said that he couldn´t wait longer and I took his hand and guided him to the bedroom , my husband again left us alone while he chose music and prepared some more drinks, L really couldn´t wait longer he undressed himself, made me lye at the edge of the bed my back up to him, spread my legs, parted my buttocks and started to lick my **** and my *** hole with such passion that I had my first ****** immediately, and when my husband arrived I was howling in pleasure, L made me roll over and accommodated me on the bed and took me in missionary position I was exultant of joy feeling his hard and powerful **** going very deep inside me opening my **** sideways with its thickness, my husband holding my ankles spread my legs to enhance L´s pleasure I came crying loud at least three times in a row before L exploded in me, he took his time still thrusting my ****, kissing my mouth before he withdrew. Immediately, without any pause, my husband made me ride him astride, I was soaked with F´s ***** and I could feel dripping it over my husband, he put me in a position in which L, who was standing besides the bed, could make me suck his **** which he did at that very moment, that was right in front of R´s eyes so he could see all the details when I started licking L´s soft **** his balls hanging close to my husband’s face, when I was rubbing the base of his shaft, when my tongue went to lick his *** hole, while I sucked his **** which L was pounding balls deep inside my mouth, I could feel R´s **** quake inside me at the sight of such a lusty spectacle, I wanted to show R how much pleasure I was giving L, I kept on sucking him till he was ready and hard again, he pulled out and went back to me, R foresee L´s wishes and opened my buttocks letting my *** hole ready to receive L´s ****, no need for any lubrication since I was totally soaked with both my lovers juices and my own, L entered easily in just one firm stroke making me howl in joy, they took me in rapture as I was having massive ******* I don’t know how many, in a certain moment I realized that R had *** and was no longer inside me and that was only L still pounding my *** hole, he also came after some time. Pulled out, rolled me over on my back and started to lick me all over my ****, my *** hole, my legs......and then kissing my mouth, he took my legs on his shoulders and started ******* me with such strength that I was coming again, I couldn’t breathe but I wanted L would never finish.......At a certain moment we were all three lying exhausted.....R went to prepare some snacks some more drinks....we were starved an d thirsty........but still all willing to keep making love to each other and so we did all the night long.....
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Great hot wife story and generous husband

That is a hot story ! nice sloppy seconds ! cant beat going balls deep in a freshly ****** cream pied ***** ! babe, you are an aamzing hot sexy geneous lover ! wow!

hot story

These sound like hot encounters, and fun too! Made me hard just reading about your trysts. We found monthly or even every two or three weeks worked best for us.

nice story

I had to *** by for a re-read :) very sexy! Dc

It was a "pleasure" :-) dc

Great story! Love that another mature couple is enjoying what my wife and I have for last year! We're rookies as a couple but I have had 30 yrs. with married couples in hot 3sums experience.
You two sound damn hot! Go for it! Story got old 8 hard as hell in slacks! Been there, doing that!

In My experience, it is always a turn on to have the hubby tasting the seed that I deposit in their wife....whether it is in private, or in semi-public.

Great story! Very exciting - we loved it!

That sounds like a great time!

I love this sexy story and the vivid descriptions of a hot ********* in the works:) A guy ******* from afar every couple months is hot! The time in between gives some hot anticipation and makes the sharing hot and less routine! Thanks for sharing! dc

Holly **** thats a hot story!!!

Wow, what a hot *********! You got a good thing going and it's got me going now...

Wish I could share some coconut oil with you two...

sounds good

Hot story. So are those pictures of L in the album? Would love to see more of those!

Love reading about mfm encounters from the woman's perspective. You make everything seem so slick and juicy - great story.

your story has me all worked up

just so hot!!

Wonderful story!!! How exciting it is to have an MFm

yum yum yummy i loved every word

ty kind sir :)

What an erotic story, your words placed me in the room with you. WOW

Well isn't that a very lucky lady. Curious how such an arrangement came to be, regularly irregular and delightful! Just one note that surprised me, to see a classy woman refer to her sex as a ****. This might ruffle a few feathers but **** is generally a pejorative word, used as a negative slur. Surprised to hear a woman refer to what lays beneath her kimono in a derogatory way.