Love Is Never Giving Up

I love my husband more and more each year!  We have been together for 26 years and, to tell the truth, I am suprised that we have made it this far!

We have been thru so very much; he told me that he wanted to split up just 4 years into our relationship! I knew that he was showing signs of wanting to wander but I wouldnt give up!

He left because he had a job in another state but either he came home or I went to him every weekend (almost)! When I went to him one weekend I found out that he had been seeing his ex-wife and she was doing his laundry!

I was never able to face her about it but I did tell him that I was angry about him letting her do his laundry and his spending time with her!  He only laughed and said there was nothing going on between them; it only when she came over to their daughters house that he saw her and only one time she did his laundry. Whatever!

Then I found a pair of underwear; definately belonging to a woman a lot smaller than I or his ex; in the trunk of his car! He told me that they must have gotten there when he had loaned his car to a guy with whom he was working (for the night!)

But even tho I was very suspicious and very jealous I overcame it because he was my husband and the bible says one should stay with their spouse! 

Strange for me to be saying that because I have had 2 husbands before him! The pastor of our church said that God doesnt want us to live in an abusive situation and both of my prior marriages were with abusive men!

I left my first after many times of catching him with other women! He was physically abusive, too, very often!  He hit me while I was 7 1/2 months pregnant and our baby was born early and died after only a little more than 24 hrs of birth!

I am not going to go into all the perils of this Pauline but suffice to say many of my personal problems were sometimes with me in as much danger as was the stories of Pauline! I pray you are old enough to have heard  about the perils of Pauline; sometimes I forget I AM OLD! to some!

I just wanted to illustrate a couple of the intense problems in our marriage so to let you know that all marriages have ones own personal set of problems (and without doubt) experiences! If you hang on, often things will even out and get better tho it can take many years and it is up to you decide if it is worth it to you!

I know I AM GLAD that I decided to hang in there this time and my husband IS WORTH IT!! I wouldnt trade him for anyone! He is the love of my life! 

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2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

Both of you are very wise! I am glad to see you have much wisdom yourself! God bless you both and may you always experience much joy and happiness in all your relationships!

Thank you for the words of hope and wisdom-----Whenever I hit some rough patches with DH I try to picture life without him and honestly I can't.....