My Sister Asked Me

I knew when lisa came back from from the club tonight she was acting super silly ....she had way to many drinks of 151 rum's her and Rum dont mix. she was tripping over everything in the house my friend Jake was laughing hard as hell at her she fell onto the sofa and we could see her undies and jake kept staring at her he said this is his bad luck night he had to work nights and lisa knew he had to go soon so she teased him till i thought she was going to do somthing crazy like she always does but she stopped teasing him she told him to come over when he can stay longer. soon he left for work and i went to bed and lisa went to bed too.                                                                                                                                                                                  

then about 5am i hear her in my room talking at first i thought jake came back then i relized she was talking to me or trying to wake me.then finaly i was wide awake she was real close to my ear saying somthing and i told her to tell me again and she asked me if she could talk dirty in my ear just for fun it was her biggest turn on she said. so i told her to go for it and when she started talking her voice was shaking then i told her to calm down and relax and then as she started to tell me about her fantasy i could almost feel her heart beating then i told her to come closer so i could hear her better and sure enough she was breathing very heavy and i could feel her heart pounding plus she was shaking like crazy then when she started talking dirty she told me what she wanted it was wild hearing lisa say those things then at my suprise she jumped up and went back to her room then i said to myself wtf !!!!!! and then in about 15 min she returned and started to whisper in my ear again then she whispered to me to touch her lower stomach and as soon as my hand was on her stomach her stomach muscles tightened and her voice started to shaking again i told her mabee this was to intence for her.she said dont stop now while she is in this mood....                                          

 then her cell started to ring then i said damm what a time for Lisa to get a call....then lisa said it was her bf and she has to answer or he will be pissed so while she talked she motioned for me to get behind her so she could talk to her bf  i said to myself it looks like lisa wants to tease the **** out of her bf again.... and then while she talked to her bf i just layed behind her with my hand on her stomach again i could feel her hips moving very very slow and then all at once lisa pushed her *** up against me i said to myself what is she up to now?                                                                                  

then she started to tell her bf if he was there now she would have him get behind her and she would push her *** up against him (the exact thing she was doing to me)  OMG if he knew what lisa was doing now he would freak out big time...she kept telling him what she wanted him to do if he was here with her now... but he was home and it was me behind her and her pushing her *** against me and im sure lisa could feel me getting hard against her *** cheeks also my mind was racing i think lisa will stop at any second then in like 2seconds lisa's hand behind her pulling her undies to one side then reached to me and and got a hold of me and guided me in her ***** and then lisa made this very loud moan then lisa finally put her bf on speaker phone so her hands would be free she reached around and was guiding me in and out of her ***** and at that time Lisa was getting very loud and her talking was not making any sense at all.....i could hear her bf asking lisa what the hell are you doing lisa??? she responded to him in a very low tone IM GETTING ****** then he said WHAT??? then he said lisa you are not getting ******!!!! i know better and quit playing head games with me....                                                                                                                                                  

then lisa said to my surprise to him believe me im definitively getting ****** and when lisa told him that it must have turned her on big time because her ***** was flooding with this time her bf was sounding very pissed and also lisa was kinda laughing (Yep She Is Crazy) then she told her bf she was going to let him hear it all or if he dont want to hear it then just hang up and then lisa said to her bf  to hold on for a minute so she could switch positions and then Lisa tuned  onto her back...i knew then she was ready for some hard core *******                                  

then Lisa looked at me and put her finger up to her lips as if to tell me to Shhhhhhhhh and be quiet so that her boyfriend wont hear me....  then she removed her undies and then said very loud to me so her bf could hear her say to me **** me!!!!... now he was pissed he said to LISA you better be faking me on this one.... then she said im not faking you at all im being ****** this very second so believe me or not..then she told me to not hold back and *** NOW!!!! and when i did she made some loud *** noises ....and as loud as lisa was her bf did hear her no doubt...                                           

Funny thing her bf never hung up.  Oh btw that was not our first time playing around and teasing her bf it is so much fun
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Hot!! Thanks for sharing.